What shock spring do I need for my weight?

What shock spring do I need for my weight?

For example, if your shock stroke is 2″, your max spring free length is 130mm and your spring rate is 450lbs, you need a spring that is 2.25″ x 450Lbs x 125mm (if you don’t see a spring that has the exact stroke of your shock you can use a spring with a longer stroke, as long as the free length will fit).

How do I know what spring rate for my motorcycle?

Spring rate is measured in newtons per millimeter (N/mm), pounds per inch (lb./in.), or more commonly kilograms per millimeter (kg/mm). For example, a 0.85kg/mm spring will compress 1mm when a 0.85kg weight is placed on it. Put an 8.5kg weight on the same spring and it will compress 10mm.

How do I make my motorcycle ride smoother?

How to ride a motorcycle more smoothly?

  1. Master the clutch.
  2. Drag the rear brake.
  3. Easy on throttle.
  4. Look down the road.
  5. Slow down.
  6. Find a relaxed body position.
  7. Brake earlier.
  8. Practice.

How do I know what size coil spring I need?

How to Measure a Compression Spring

  1. Measure the spring wire diameter, preferably to 3 decimal places for accuracy using calipers.
  2. Measure the outside diameter of the coils.
  3. Measure the length in its free condition (uncompressed).
  4. Count the number of coils.
  5. Note the winding direction of the coils.

How do you choose a rear shock spring?

(1) Set your race sag at 100mm. (2) Measure how much your bike sags without you onboard. (3) If it sags more than 40mm, go to the next softest shock spring. (4) If it sags less than 30mm, go stiffer.

How does spring rate affect ride quality?

The advantage of a progressive spring is that it can provide a variable ride quality-softer when the suspension is at a normal ride height, and stiffer as the spring is compressed, such as when the suspension is being pushed hard through a corner.

How do you calculate coil springs?

To calculate the amount of spring rate you will need on order to meet your working loads, simply divide the load you will be applying on your spring by the distance you expect your spring to travel or compress under that load.

How can I make my suspension softer?

How to Soften Car Suspension

  1. Install softer shocks and struts. As the primary component that affects your vehicle’s ride quality, shocks and struts have a very big impact.
  2. Adjust the shocks to a softer setting, if you have adjustable shocks.
  3. Install softer springs.
  4. Replace the bushings in the suspension.

How do I choose coil spring rate?

The steps below will help you to find an approximate spring rate for your coil-over application….

  1. Step 1 – Determine Sprung Weight. Corner Weight: (1/2 the front or rear weight)
  2. Step 2 – Calculating Motion Ratio.
  3. Step 3 – Coil Spring Angle.
  4. Step 4 – Select your shock stroke and spring length.
  5. Step 5 – Spring Rate.

Is higher spring rate better?

Although a higher spring rate reduces body roll, it comes at the expense of a harsher ride. “Not only will a softer spring improve ride quality, it will also enable the tires to follow uneven road surfaces more precisely for improved grip.

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