What political party was Jim Hacker?

What political party was Jim Hacker?

Political affiliation Hacker’s political party is never explicitly stated – a deliberate ploy by the series’ creators to prevent the show from having a partisan affiliation.

What was Paul Eddington in?

The Good Life
Paul Eddington was an actor famous for starring roles in The Good Life and Yes Minister/Yes, Prime Minister.

Who played Jerry Leadbetter?

Paul EddingtonThe Good Life
Jerry Leadbetter/Played by

Paul Clark Eddington CBE (18 June 1927 – 4 November 1995) was an English actor best known for playing Jerry Leadbetter in the television sitcom The Good Life (1975-78) and Minister of the Department of Administrative Affairs, later Prime Minister Jim Hacker in the sitcom Yes Minister (1980-84) and its sequel, Yes.

Who played Jim Hacker?

Paul EddingtonYes Minister
Jim Hacker/Played by
Paul Eddington delighted TV audiences with two well-loved characters – downtrodden Jerry Leadbetter and politician Jim Hacker. Read about his life and career…

Who wrote the script for Yes, Prime Minister?

Sir Antony Rupert Jay, CVO (20 April 1930 – 21 August 2016) was an English writer, broadcaster, producer and director. With Jonathan Lynn, he co-wrote the British political comedies Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister (1980–88).

Is Paul Eddington still alive?

Deceased (1927–1995)
Paul Eddington/Living or Deceased

Where did Paul Eddington live?

Eddington, 68, died at his London home on Saturday night, surrounded by his wife, Patricia, and their four children, from a rare form of skin cancer which had disfigured his face with dark blotches.

How old is Felicity Kendal now?

75 years (September 25, 1946)
Felicity Kendal/Age
Felicity Kendal turns 75 today as the star marks her milestone birthday and over 50 years in the spotlight.

Where was The Good Life filmed?

Outdoor filming took place in the northern Greater London suburb of Northwood, although the series was set in Surbiton, south-western Greater London. The producers searched extensively for a suitable pair of houses, eventually chancing on Kewferry Road, Northwood.

Is Paul Eddington died?

Who is Paul Eddington?

Paul Eddington. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Paul Clark Eddington, CBE (18 June 1927 – 4 November 1995) was an English actor who appeared in the television sitcoms The Good Life and Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister.

What was Paul Eddington’s first TV show?

Paul Eddington was a tall, debonair actor who achieved international success in the 1970s with The Good Life (1975), a popular television series about a young couple farming their backyard in a London suburb. He played the supporting role of neighbor Jerry Leadbetter. It was the hit comedy series Yes Minister (1980), later called Yes, Prime

When did David Eddington appear in Yes Minister?

He also appeared in a single episode of another Esmonde and Larbey sitcom, Get Some In! in 1977. Eddington’s profile was raised further when he played the title role of Jim Hacker in the comedy series Yes Minister (1980–84) and Yes, Prime Minister (1986–88) – said to have been Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ‘s favourite TV programme.

Was David Eddington in get some in?

He appeared in a single episode of Get Some In which was written by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey who also wrote The Good Life, first screened by the BBC in 1975 which shot Eddington to fame. The sitcom focuses on a suburban couple who decide to give up work and become self-sufficient in their suburban garden.

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