What percentage of Tulane students get into medical school?

What percentage of Tulane students get into medical school?

While the national admission rate to medical schools for all college students is 44%, Tulane students gain admission at a rate of 58% overall, and 93% for those students who earned a 3.6 grade point average or above and a 509 or higher on the MCAT.

Is Tulane a top medical school?

Tulane University 2022 Rankings Tulane University is Unranked in Best Medical Schools: Research and Unranked in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Does Tulane care about class rank?

Achieve at least a 3.55 GPA while taking the most challenging classes available. GPA, class rank, and course rigor are three of the four factors that Tulane deems “very important” to admissions. The average high school GPA of Tulane’s Class of 2025 is 3.55 and 33.2% had a 3.75 GPA or higher.

What’s special about Tulane Medical School?

One of the nation’s most recognized centers for medical education, Tulane University School of Medicine is a vibrant center for education, research and public service. Tulane University School of Medicine is the second-oldest medical school in the Deep South and the 15th oldest medical school in the United States.

Is Tulane Medical School hard to get into?

Tulane Medical School’s admissions standards are rigorous, but the 190 students who make the cut each year will find themselves in the midst of exciting research in one of America’s most vibrant cities.

Is Tulane worth the cost?

Tulane University of Louisiana is ranked #876 out of 1,472 for value nationwide….Prices of Institutions with Similar Quality Scores.

School Total Price Value Grade
Texas Christian University $214,718 C-
Tulane University of Louisiana $220,216 C-

Is Tulane an elite school?

Tulane is an excellent university ranked among the top fifty in the nation. It’s grads are as well regarded as any for admission to grad school if admission requirements are met.

Which med school has the highest acceptance rate?

In contrast, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, according to medical school acceptance statistics, has the highest rate of acceptance of all medical schools in the United States at 15.6%.

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