What park is better Xel-Ha or Xcaret?

What park is better Xel-Ha or Xcaret?

Overall Comparison of Xcaret vs Xel Ha Both parks are awesome but there is definitely a difference between Xel Ha and Xcaret as we have shown. Xcaret is slightly more expensive, especially once you add in the food and drink costs. However, the park is open longer and there is a much bigger variety of things to do.

Is Xel-Ha included with Xcaret?

On your next vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, enjoy the best parks in Riviera Maya with the Xel-Há – Xcaret package. Visit Xel-Há, an all-inclusive park where you can enjoy unlimited beverages and buffet restaurants, plus snorkeling as much as you want. Spend two unforgettable days with the Xel-Há and Xcaret package.

How far is Xel-Ha from Xcaret?

The distance between Xelha and Xcaret Park is 39 km. The road distance is 45.9 km.

Does Xcaret have cenotes?

Round-trip transportation with certified guide. Visit to the four different types of cenotes that exist. Assisted rappeling into Lu’um, a cavern cenote. Zip-lines and cliff jumps at K’áak’, an open cenote, and at Iik, an ancient cenote.

Is the unlimited Xcaret experience worth it?

Xcaret is an eco-archeologic park, with more than forty activities and attractions. We really invite our visitors to stay until the end of the day, in order to attend our México Espectacular performance. So much visitors have said that the show alone worth the visit.

Is Xcaret an adult?

Grupo Xcaret is opening a second all-inclusive resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region. Designed exclusively for adults, the new resort will also feature 900 suites, nine restaurants and a spa carved from natural stone.

Can you stay at Xel-Ha?

Accommodation in selected room type. Xel-Ha All Inclusive Tour….Xel Ha All Inclusive Package with Riviera Maya Resort accommodation.

Booking hotel and tour separately Booking hotel and tour together Save at least
Xelha Tour and Hotel $1732 Xelha Tour + Hotel $1562 ✓ $170 USD

Does Xel-Ha have cenotes?

Admire the sacred cenotes of Xel-Há park At Xel-Há you can find two in the heart of the Mayan jungle. Following this path, you will find our two Cenotes, Paradise and Adventure, which are protected areas, and swimming is not allowed.

Are there sharks at Xel-Ha?

Unlike it’s brethren park Xcaret, Xel-Ha is completely natural (don’t worry, an underwater fence keeps sharks and other predators out in the adjacent Caribbean).

What is the difference between Xcaret and Xcaret Arte?

While the properties’ layouts and décor may look similar, there are a few major differentiators between the two. While Hotel Xcaret Mexico caters to guests of all ages, visitors to Hotel Xcaret Arte must be at least 16 years of age, giving it more of an adults-only atmosphere.

Do I need water shoes for Xcaret?

Coming to Xcaret is the best opportunity to create incredible photos in paradise, so we recommend you bring comfortable clothes that help you with the tropical warmth. We recommend hats or caps, some water shoes, and a change of clothes in case you want to bring your favorite outfit and rock it for the photos.

What is the difference between Xcaret and Xel-Ha?

There are big differences between Xcaret and Xel-Ha park, from the physical setting of the parks to the location to the range of activities available. What else makes the experiences at Xel Ha or Xcaret unique?

How big is Xcaret?

The sheer size of Xcaret (esh-ka-ret) is a little overwhelming. At 200 acres, this park rivals the size of the Disney properties – not something you expect to see in the middle of the Riviera Maya. And yet every inch of the grounds is full of fun or educational things to do for everyone in your family.

Can you swim in Xcaret National Park?

If you’ve gotten a bit warm walking around the park, there are plenty of ways to cool off at Xcaret. There are several swimming areas, including a lagoon and natural pools. My favorite swimming locations were the underground rivers–Blue River, Maya River, and Manatee River.

What happens to the sea turtles at Xcaret?

Just outside the aquarium is the home of one of the Xcaret’s biggest attractions–the sea turtles. Here, turtles of all sizes are kept as part of the park’s educational and conservation efforts. Many will ultimately be released into the sea once they are large enough to have a good chance of surviving on their own.

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