What Ohio county has the most Amish?

What Ohio county has the most Amish?

Holmes County
Holmes County itself holds the highest concentration of Amish residents in any county in the United States. Many Ohio counties have just what the Amish population is looking for, Donnermeyer said.

What part of Ohio do the Amish live?

The five-county region in northeast Ohio, which includes Holmes, Adams, Geauga, Wayne, and Tuscarawas counties, is considered Ohio’s Amish country, with working farms and rolling landscapes.

What towns are in Carroll county Ohio?

Carroll County/Cities

What percentage of Holmes County is Amish?

42 percent
Holmes County houses the highest percentage of Amish of any U.S. county, currently 42 percent of the population, and experts speculate that within -15 years Holmes County may be the first majority Amish county.

What is the largest Amish community in Ohio?

It has been calculated that Holmes County has the largest Amish population of any county in the country. Today there are about 60,000 Amish living in Ohio making it the largest Amish state in the country.

What towns are close to Carrollton Ohio?

Cities 1 hour from Carrollton, OH

  • 59 minutes: Uniontown, OH.
  • 57 minutes: Canfield, OH.
  • 57 minutes: Newcomerstown, OH.
  • 56 minutes: Green, OH.
  • 55 minutes: East Palestine, OH.
  • 53 minutes: Hartville, OH.
  • 53 minutes: Weirton, WV.
  • 53 minutes: Massillon, OH.

How old is Carroll county Ohio?

Carroll County, Ohio

Carroll County
Founded January 1, 1833
Named for Charles Carroll of Carrollton
Seat Carrollton
Largest village Carrollton*

What is Carroll County famous for?

Carroll County’s well-preserved history takes the form of rural heritage museums and civil war sites. Carroll is rich in history and tradition. Civil War troops from both sides trekked and camped along scenic roads on their fateful march to Gettysburg.

What is Carroll County?

Carroll County is the name of thirteen counties in the U.S.A. All, except for the one in Tennessee, are named after Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence from Maryland: Carroll County, Arkansas. Carroll County, Georgia. Carroll County, Illinois.

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