What kind of car is a 1994 Chevy Camaro?

What kind of car is a 1994 Chevy Camaro?

The 1994 Camaro is a chameleon, bold and bad coming at you, a dish of vanilla as it passes. Chevy teased us with the concepts and compromised on the design. Rather than the dreams becoming reality, we’re left with eight hours of solid sleep. There’s one other problem with the new rounded, aero styling.

When did the Camaro Z28 convertible come out?

But there are two shortcomings that haven’t been resolved since the Camaro appeared in 1966 as a ’67 model: design and visibility. In fact, some will argue the early design is more memorable, the early visibility much more user-friendly. We test-drove a 1994 Camaro Z28 convertible.

Why isn’t the Camaro more dramatic in design?

Ditto with the wipers, which are similar in size to the massive claw found on most Mercedes-Benzes. It’s sad that Camaro wasn’t more dramatic in design because, in terms of performance, the car is a rocket with its 5.7-liter, 275-horsepower, V-8.

What does the top of the window do on a Camaro?

In heavy rain, the top serves as an irrigation canal to direct water off the roof and into the passenger cabin when the window is open even slightly. Carry a towel. In coming up with a low, lean look for 1994, Camaro’s windshield is sharply raked.

Does the Camaro have arm room?

Camaro’s cabin is wider than past years and provides arm room similar to that in a Cadillac Seville STS. However, Chevy stuck the armrest and its power window controls at an angle along the door panel guaranteed to rub against knee and/or thigh at the cost of comfort.

What does a Camaro look like from the side?

Where Camaro falls short is the profile. The car takes on a Ford Probe-like look. The muscle from front and rear angles turns to flab when viewed from the side. Not so with Mustang or Stealth. Chevy had been toying for years with concepts of the new-generation Camaro.

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