What kind of car is a 1974 Ford Mustang II?

What kind of car is a 1974 Ford Mustang II?

1974 Ford Mustang II Overview The 1974 Mustang marked the beginning of the “Mustang II” generation. These smaller cars had weaker engines due to the fuel crisis, and proved to be a hit with buyers. Even with slower cars and higher prices, sales nearly tripled the 1973 numbers, and the Mustang II was named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year.

What is the 0-60 time of a 1974 Mustang?

The V-8 engine was a thing of the past. As such, the 1974 Mustang II was significantly underpowered when compared to previous model years. In fact, its maximum speed was only 99 mph with an estimated 0-60 mph time of 13.8 seconds. Of note, the Mustang II’s front pony emblem was modified to symbolize more of a trot than a gallop.

How many Mustangs were sold in 1974?

In spite of its lack of power beneath the hood, the Mustang II was a huge success. In fact, Ford sold 385,993 of the cars in 1974. Those were good numbers, considering the company had only sold 134,867 Mustangs in 1973. The car was loved.

What is a 1974 Mustang Ghia?

The 1974 Mustang Ghia was a special sport luxury package for the 2-door coupe body style.

How many miles per gallon does a 1974 Ford Mustang get?

fuel consumption and mileage: average estimated by a-c©: 13.5 l/100km / 21 mpg (imp.) / 17.5 mpg (U.S.) / 7.4 km/l, more data: 1974 Ford Mustang II Mach I 2.8L V-6 (man. 4) Specifications Review 1974 Ford Mustang II Mach I 2.8L V-6 (man.

How much does a 1973 Ford Mustang II cost?

With production at 177,671, Ford produced well over 100,000 more units of the base Mustang than it had in 1973. Though size was down, prices for the Mustang II did rise, with the MSRP for the base model totaling $3,134.


Why did they stop making Mustangs in 1974?

Mustang sales had been on the decline for some time. He also wanted to create a vehicle that could conform to new federal standards, such as the one that mandated bumpers be able to withstand a 5 mph collision without damage to the vehicle. From a design perspective, the 1974 Mustang II was based on the Ford Pinto platform.

What kind of engine does a 1974 Mustang Mach 1 have?

The 1974 Mustang Mach 1 offered styled steel wheels with chrome trim rings, remote control racing mirrors, and unique paint tape treatment on the newly designed hatchback body style. The Mach 1 received a 2.8L V6, lower body tape kit that of all things read MACH 1. V8 engines were not available in 1974 in the Mustang II.

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