What Kershaw do I have?

What Kershaw do I have?

To find the model number, look on the back side of the blade (the side opposite the Kershaw logo). It should be a four-digit number, sometimes followed by letters. The drop-down in the model number field will offer you options.

How old is Kershaw knives?

Kershaw Knives

Type Corporation
Founded Portland, Oregon 1974
Headquarters Tualatin, Oregon
Key people Jack Igarashi, Chief of North American Operations, Kai USA ltd., Pete Kershaw, Founder
Products Knives

When did the Kershaw Blur come out?

Also, you may be lucky enough to get your hands on one of the coveted Blue Kershaw Blur’s which were produced in limited quantities back in 2008. Before I get into the meat here let me say that one of the nicest features of the Blur without doubt is the SpeedSafe opening mechanism.

Are Kershaw knives made in China?

Even companies like Kershaw and Buck, which are known for USA-made knives, have models that are made in China. Kershaw’s best-selling Cryo and Buck’s popular Colleague are made in China.

Will Kershaw replace blade?

If you accidentally broke your Kershaw folding knife’s blade, we have good news. We can replace your knife’s blade for you, returning it to good working order for $25 (effective 11/1/21). Simply send your knife in according to warranty instructions. We’ll replace the blade for you and return it to you.

What does Kershaw mean?

English: habitational name from Kirkshaw in the parish of Rochdale, Lancashire, so named from northern Middle English kirk ‘church’ + shaw ‘grove’. In some cases the name may be topographic for someone who lived near the ‘church grove’. …

Is Kershaw knives made in China?

What steel is the Kershaw Blur?

The Blur’s 3.4-inch premium stainless steel blade is made with S30V powdered steel, featuring excellent toughness, resistance to corrosion and wear, and long-term edge retention.

What was the first Kershaw knife?

According to Pete, the first Kershaw knives ever were the six fixed-blade models: Field & Stream (1029), Camp & Field (1030), Camp & Stream (1031), Skinner (1032), Field (1034), and Heavy Duty Field (1035).

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