What is XLPE compound?

What is XLPE compound?

Cross-linked polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PEX, XPE or XLPE, is a form of polyethylene with cross-links. It is used predominantly in building services pipework systems, hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems, domestic water piping, and insulation for high tension (high voltage) electrical cables.

How do you make compound XLPE?

There are two competitive processes for compounding of XLPE: Soaking of Dicumyl Peroxide in molten stage on Clean filtered LDPE. Direct injection of DCP and AO in molten LDPE followed by screening before granulation.

What is silane XLPE?

Silane XLPE compound – one step technology – with KTT100PA code is a main product of PolyCom that mainly made of imported high-quality LLDPE and other suitable addictives such as: cross-linking agents, antioxidant, heat stabilizer, etc.

Is XLPE waterproof?

In order to prevent the penetration of moisture and also to extend the duration of life, the XLPE insulated medium voltage cables are designed with longitudinally waterproof shielding including an additional swell tape and PE outer jacket.

Where can I use XLPE cable?

In short, XLPE cable should be used in industries that expose wire and cable to:

  1. Extreme temperature conditions (high and low)
  2. High voltage electrical applications.
  3. Abrasion and stress.
  4. Water and other liquids.
  5. Chemicals and other hazardous materials.

What is Sioplas technology?

In the Sioplas process, Polyethylene is first grafted in the presence of a mixture of Vinylsilane and peroxide to make a crosslinkable polyethylene. The material can be either processed directly or stored in dry conditions for up to several months.

Is XLPE cable Armoured?

XLPE cable means cross linked polyethylene insulated aluminium conductor armoured cable. The insulation is further screened with layer of nonmetallic semiconducting material and over that a non magnetic metallic screen in the form of copper or aluminium tape is applied.

Is XLPE sunlight resistant?

Type XHHW-2 are soft drawn bare copper conductors, insulated with an abrasion, moisture, heat and sunlight resistant, flame retardant cross- linked polyethylene.

What is triple extrusion process?

3. Triple Extrusion. Extrusion is carried out through a triple layer head, facilating perfect contact between the semiconductors and the insulation and total absence of foreign elements between them.

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