What is Virya Stambhan?

What is Virya Stambhan?

Virya Sthambhan Vati overcomes the problems related to male sex such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and increase ejaculatory control. It also enhances harder erection and enhances vigour and vitality. Key Ingredients: Keshar.

What is the use of Virya Stambhan Vati?

VIRYA STAMBHAN VATI by VYAS is an ayurvedic classical medicine. It is an aphrodisiac that is helpful in increasing appetite and digestion that allows the body to be nourished. It improves the quality of sperm and increases strength and stamina. INDICATIONS: Premature ejaculation, infertility, loss of libido, weakness.

What is Stambhan in ayurveda?

General Practice (Ayurveda) Stambhana means to stop or to block where is ati pravratti like Atisara….. Grahi : which improves agni and absorption of Sara Bhag and also do deepana….

How many tablets are there in Virya Stambhan Vati?

vyas Virya Sthambhan Vati 5gm

Brand vyas
Treatment Sexual Health
Quantity 5
Food Preference Vegetarian
Form Tablets

What is Ayurvedic Anulomana?

Anulomana is a Karma in which initially there occurs Paka of Mala which is continued by breaking the bondage and then it is excreted out through Guda.

What is Grahi?

Grahi (absorbent) is the property of the drug which promotes the power of absorption. Various drugs are mentioned in our classics with Grahi (absorbent)property.

What is Vata Anulomana?

For the management of pureeshavruta vata, anulomana (carminatives) dravyas are considered to be the best dravyas (substances) because they digest the apakva (indigested) mala and helps for easy expulsion of obstructed vata by bringing it to its anuloma gati (normal direction or downward movement).

What is Vatanulomana?

Vatanulomana. The main dosha involved in infertility is Vata. So Vatanulomana (correcting the functions of Vata) is very important in the treatment of infertility. Ayurvedic formulations, following routine exercises and strict diet schedule will help in Vatanulomana.

What is Anulomana?

What is Grahi in Ayurveda?

Grahi (absorbent) Dravya (drugs) are having the property to do AgniDeepan(increases digestive fire), Aam Paachana (Digestion of toxic material)and due to the UshnaVeerya(Hot potency) does the Shoshana (drying the liquid portion) of the Dosha-Dhatu and Mala which are in the Drava form.

Can Ayurveda cure male infertility?

Ayurvedic medicine deals with infertility by detoxification and dosha cleansing. It prescribes herbs to reduce stress, build immunity, and rejuvenate the core tissues and dhatus. Such deep nourishment helps the body make healthy and vital sperm.

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