What is ush?

What is ush?

Founded in 2018, Ush is a full-service real estate enterprise that self-performs the full suite of development, construction, community engagement, and property management activities required to introduce new housing in the communities that need it most.

What is Usher syndrome type III (USH3)?

Usher syndrome type III (USH3 [MIM #276902]) is unique among the clinical subtypes of Usher syndrome, in that it shows postlingual, progressive hearing loss and late onset of retinitis pigmentosa (RP), as well as a progressive loss of vestibular function (Kimberling et al. 2000).

What is the structure of the USH3 gene?

The disease gene was localized to 3q25 and recently was identified by positional cloning. In the present study, we have revised the structure of the USH3 gene, including a new translation start site, 5′ untranslated region, and a transcript encoding a 232–amino acid protein.

How many nucleotides are in ush3revisedgene?

The USH3revisedgene has a first exon of 545 bp, with an ORF of 252 nucleotides (vs. 24 bp in exon 1 of USH3Joensuu). The second exon (180 bp) is common to all transcripts so far described.

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