What is the theme of The Absolutely True Diary?

What is the theme of The Absolutely True Diary?

The main themes in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian are alienation, friendship, and death. Alienation: Junior becomes a “part-time” Indian, and he is alienated by both his Indian friends’ and his white friends’ inability to understand the unique struggles he faces as he straddles both worlds.

What are the themes in The Absolutely True Diary Part Time Indian?

ThemesIndividual Ambitions and Communal Obligations. Junior has great personal ambition. Poverty and Privilege. One of the main differences between life on the reservation and life in Reardan is that most of the families on the reservation, including Junior’s, are poor. Racism.

What does the title The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian mean?

By splitting his time between the white school and The Rez, and trying to fit in at both, he feels he is effectively a “part-time” Indian. The “absolutely true diary” portion of the title is appropriate because the novel is presented like a diary, including some of Junior’s drawings.

What is the biggest problem junior has at reardan?

Junior faces a number of problems. His largest problem is his inability to connect with his new peers; Junior is an intelligent kid who is intolerant of less-intelligent people, and he struggles to connect with(The entire section contains 2 answers and 431 words.)

How is Junior’s grandmother’s death ironic?

What does Junior find ironic about his grandmother’s death? SHE WAS KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER EVEN THOUGH SHE NEVER DRANK ALCOHOL.

Why is it significant that rowdy performed well at most competitions?

It is significant that Rowdy performs well at most competitions because he is the only one from his school that is as good as many of the other schools. Rowdy reacts angrily to Junior’s decision to move schools and says Junior is joking. Than when Junior softly touches Rowdy’s shoulder Rowdy punches him in the face.

Why does rowdy call Junior a nomad?

Rowdy calls Junior a nomad because Junior is following in the footsteps of their ancestors. In the book, Rowdy labels Junior a nomad toward the end of the story. After looking up the word “nomadic” in the dictionary, Rowdy concludes that the conventional definition of the word no longer fits Native Americans today.

Why does junior compare Penelope to his dad?

Junior has his own coping mechanism, which is drawing cartoons. The only difference is that his coping mechanism is harmless, unlike eating disorders and alcoholism. The analogy that Junior discovers between Penelope and his father is based on the particularly damaging behaviours that both of them engage in.

What happens to Junior’s good intentions?

What happens to Junior’s good intentions? Answer: As he was walking home, three guys beat him up and stole the money that he collected. Explain the event that happens in geology class about petrified wood.

What does junior identify as the worst?

Junior relates that the worst part of being poor is having one’s dreams deferred or forever forgotten. He realizes that his parents had to give up their dreams because they are poor, and he says: Seriously, I know my mother and father had their dreams when they were kids.

What do rowdy and junior do for each other?

Expert Answers They feel as close as brothers because they share a birthday. Junior is bookish and had to overcome some congenital disabilities, while Rowdy is stronger and more into sports.

What is Junior’s grandmother’s advice?

To this piece of information, his grandmother’s advice is: “You should have kicked him in the balls.” This is revealing about the culture on the Reservation. Even grandmothers encourage fighting for the right reasons.

How does Junior’s sister die?

It snows and Junior is scared of this fact, he thinks his father could be dead, but he is only too late. In the car, Arnold’s Dad tells him that his sister died in a fire. She was having a party and someone left the hot plate on. A curtain caught on fire, and everything burned down.

What is Mr P’s advice to Junior?

What is Mr P’s advice to Junior? Mr. P tells Junior to leave the reservation and to not give up. He gives him this advice to better his life.

How does Junior say goodbye to his grandmother?

The way Junior says good-bye is by laughing and crying. Junior also says good-bye to not just his grandmother, but to all of them. Each funeral was a funeral for everyone. He says they lived and died together.

Why is Junior so cynical about white teachers?

Answer and Explanation: In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, Junior is cynical about white teachers because he believes that they will treat him as if he is inferior to a white student. Junior’s ideas about white teachers come from what he is taught on the reservation.

Why does Arnold Spirit draw cartoons?

He draws because he thinks it might give him a chance to become rich and famous, and he wants to be rich and famous so he can leave the rez one day.

How does junior describe himself?

Still, for the most part, Junior is sincere, compassionate, resilient, and persistent. When he recognizes them, he is honest about his faults with himself and readers.

Who is Junior in The Absolutely True Diary?

Arnold Spirit Jr.

Who is rowdy The Absolutely True Diary?

Rowdy. Junior’s best friend on the reservation. Rowdy is a star basketball player for the Wellpinit high school. He has anger problems and often gets physically violent with Junior and others.

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