What is the synonymous of access?

What is the synonymous of access?

entrance, entry, way in, means of entry, ingress. approach, means of approach. 2’they were denied access to the stadium’ admission, admittance, entry, entrée, ingress, right of entry, permission to enter, the opportunity to enter.

What is meant by access control?

Access control is a fundamental component of data security that dictates who’s allowed to access and use company information and resources. Through authentication and authorization, access control policies make sure users are who they say they are and that they have appropriate access to company data.

What are 2 synonyms for security?


  • bond.
  • care.
  • freedom.
  • guarantee.
  • insurance.
  • preservation.
  • surveillance.
  • aegis.

What are antonyms for access?

access. Antonyms: exit, egress, departure, exclusion, repulse. Synonyms: approach, admit, course entrance, avenue, admittance, mode, way, passage, road.

What’s the antonym for access?

What is the opposite of access?

rejection denial
egress veto
exit rebuff
bounce non-acceptance
casting off end

What is access control in CSS?

Access control is a method of limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources. Access control is a security technique that has control over who can view different aspects, what can be viewed and who can use resources in a computing environment.

What is the synonym of surveillance?

observation, scrutiny, watch, view, inspection, monitoring, supervision, superintendence. spying, espionage, intelligence, undercover work, infiltration, reconnaissance. informal bugging, wiretapping, phone tapping, recon.

Are safety and security synonyms?

In this page you can discover 97 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for security, like: guard, refuge, sanctuary, defense, ward, shelter, salvation, redemption, protection, safety and token.

What is a word for easily accessible?

Synonyms: approachable, reachable. easily approached. come-at-able, get-at-able, getatable. capable of being reached or attained. handy, ready to hand.

What is a synonym for no access?

Find another word for inaccessible. In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inaccessible, like: remote, unobtainable, far, unachievable, unattainable, insurmountable, impracticable, aloof, unapproachable, unfeasible and unworkable.

What words represent a sense of exclusion?


  • boycott.
  • discharge.
  • elimination.
  • embargo.
  • eviction.
  • omission.
  • prohibition.
  • refusal.

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