What is the status of tattoo yachts?

What is the status of tattoo yachts?

Tattoo Yachts has ended production of the 26, and is currently not producing any new boats. They continue to develop their new Tattoo 22, we will post any new information about it’s development and possible future production.

Does MacGregor still make boats?

founder Roger MacGregor has ceased production of the craft and has turned his attention to the construction of custom-built 70-foot MacGregors. The last MacGregor 26 came off the production line on April 24, signifying the end of an era for the best-selling sailboat.

What does a sailboat tattoo mean?

Some meanings associated with the ship tattoo are new journeys/beginnings, home, good luck, a way of life, direction, bravery, honour or even a troubled past.

What happened to MacGregor Yachts?

was founded by Roger MacGregor as part of a Stanford University MBA class project in the early 1960s. The company was in business until early 2013, having been succeeded by Tattoo Yachts.

How tall is the mast on a MacGregor 26?


Length overall 25′ 10
Fuel capacity 24 gallons
Mast height above deck 30′
Mast height above water 35′
Cabin headroom 6′

How long is a Macgregor 26m?

The length overall is 25.83 ft (7.87 m), the waterline length is 23.17 ft (7.06 m), displaces 2,550 lb (1,157 kg) and it carries 300 lb (136 kg) of fixed ballast and 1,150 lb (522 kg) of water ballast. It has a draft of 5.75 ft (1.75 m) with the daggerboard down and 1.00 ft (0.30 m) with the daggerboard up.

What does a sinking ship tattoo mean?

Also known as the ‘sailors grave’ a sinking ship tattoo symbolizes the perils and dangers of life at sea. Similarly sinking ship tattoos have a long tradition of use as a sailor memorial and a commemorative symbol for those lost at sea.

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