What is the standard size of CGI sheet?

What is the standard size of CGI sheet?

Panchasakti Corrugated galvanized Iron (CGI)

Product Details
Overall Width 43 – 44 inch
Overlapping 4 inches or as per standard protocol
Ridge Cover 4 ft. width
Average Weight 89 – 90 kg per bundle

What is the thickness of CGI sheet?

between 0.475 and 0.399 mm
Shelter Cluster partners are advised to ensure that the thickness of sheets is measured during the procurement process and CGI sheets between 0.475 and 0.399 mm thickness are recommended in order to ensure ease of transport (at these thicknesses, CGI sheets can be rolled for transportation).

What is the thickness of corrugated roof sheet?

COLORBOND® steel metal thickness is 0.35, 0.42 or 0.48mm. G550, AZ150 (550MPa minimum yield stress, 150g/m2 minimum coating mass). COLORBOND® Ultra base metal thickness is 0.42 or 0.48mm.

Is code for CGI sheet?

5.1 The base metal of plain galvanized sheets and coils shall conform to IS 1079 or IS 513 as the case may he.

What is the full form of CGI sheet?

Corrugated Galvanized Iron or steel (CGI) sheets are used for general roofing purposes.

What is the weight of GI sheet?

Product Specification

Material GC
Thickness 0.80 mm
Weight In Per Square Feet 1.903 Kg
Weight In Per Square Meter 6.280 Kg
Gauge 22 G

What is the size of iron sheet?

Galvanised Iron Roofing Sheet, Dimensions: 12*4 Feet

Material Galvanized Iron
Color White
Dimensions 12*4 Feet
Thickness Of Sheet 0.60 mm
Manufacturing Technique Hot Rolled

What is the weight of CGI sheet?

How wide is Colorbond?

You can choose from two widths for your COLORBOND® gate: 930mm or 1720mm.

What is TCT in roofing?

The Total Coated Thickness (TCT) measures the steel substrate as well as the metallic coating, resin coating and/ or paint film. If a Tata BlueScope Steel AZ150 coated product is labeled as 0.42mm BMT means that it will have TCT of 0.47mm.

What is GSM in steel?

GSM is Grams per square inch. It denotes the weight of Zn coated on the steel sheet for every square inch & is calculated by stripping the Zn and calculating the weight of the same in a standard sheet (of size say 10 square inches).

Is standard for sheet thickness?

The sheets are defined as the rectangular sections with thickness up to 5mm. Strips are produced in large lengths and rolled in to coils in which thickness is specified as up to 12mm.

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