What is the sound quality of Poeme Electronique?

What is the sound quality of Poeme Electronique?

Sustained electronic tones, crescendo and decrecendo. Rhythmic percussive sounds. Higher sustained electronic tones, crescendo. “Airplane rumble,” “chimes,” jangling….Sequence of Events.

0 – 60″ Genesis
301 – 360″ Harmony
361 – 480″ To All Mankind

What is the musical elements of Poeme Electronique?

Within his work, there are “no chords, no harmonies, no imitations of instruments, and no cliches of composition that have been done a thousand times over.” Instead of strings and brass, there are sirens, human cries, explosions, and electronic squelches.

What is the tempo of Poeme Electronique?

Poème Electronique is a very sad song by Edgard Varèse with a tempo of 70 BPM. It can also be used double-time at 140 BPM.

What instruments were used in Poeme Electronique?

Electronic noises, organ. High taps. Swooping organ sound. Three-note group stated twice.

What instruments are used in the Poeme Electronique?

Who is the composer of Poeme electronic?

Edgard Varèse
Poeme Electronique/Composers

What is the timbre of Poeme Electronique?

Who is the so called father of electronic music and why he is called so?

Varèse saw potential in using electronic mediums for sound production, and his use of new instruments and electronic resources led to his being known as the “Father of Electronic Music” while Henry Miller described him as “The stratospheric Colossus of Sound”.

What is Poéme électronique?

Background for Poéme Électronique In 1956, Louis Kalff, the art director of Philips Industries, proposed to the famed modern architect, Le Corbusier, to build a pavilion in the World’s Fair at Brussels. Philips wanted a magnificent show of sound and light effects to illustrate the ability of Philips’ technology through this visionary structure.

What is the Poéme électronique by Edgard Varése?

Varése’s Poéme Électronique is a lesson in sound-mass (es) and how to place those sounds in a musical context. Apel, Willi. Harvard Dictionary of Music. Belknap/Harvard, Cambridge 1972. Bernard, Jonathan W. The Music of Edgard Varése. Yale University Press. New Haven 1987. Bernstein, Martin and Picker, Martin. An Introduction to Music. Prentice-

Why did Le Corbusier write Poème électronique?

Le Corbusier came up with the title Poème électronique, saying he wanted to create a “poem in a bottle”. Varèse composed the piece with the intention of creating a liberation between sounds and as a result uses noises not usually considered “musical” throughout the piece.

How does Varése achieve this characteristic of Poéme?

Varése achieves this principally siren glissandi and synthetic granular glissandi. The Introduction to Poéme the entire work. family. It is with these two small instruments that cut through the huge contrast – and which is also a recurring thematic scheme throughout Poéme. of machine sound-objects mixed with a jet plane natural sound-object.

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