What is the purpose of this essay do you think Staples believes that he?

What is the purpose of this essay do you think Staples believes that he?

I think that Brent Staples purpose of this essay is to inform those who don’t actually consider or think about how black men are treated. Staples believes that he (or other African American men) will not cease to “alter public space in ugly ways” in the near future.

What is Staples trying to accomplish with his first sentence do you think he succeeds Why or why not?

Why or why not? Staples is trying to draw the reader in by alarming them. His opening sentence implies that something much more sinister is going on. The rest of the paragraph brings light to the irony in this sentence; he did not see her as a victim at all, but she felt fear that she could become one.

How accurate is Staples observation concerning the male romance with the power to intimidate?

It is a fact that male’s intimidating personality has everything to do with security. Thus, Staple’s was accurate in observing that the “male romance with the power to intimidate.” Men must intimidate other men to assess their competence of posing a threat.

Where Fear and Weapons Meet and they often do in urban America there is always the possibility of death?

Staples writes “where fear and weapons meet— and they often do in urban America—there is always the possibility of death” (Staples 224). Stereotyping can be dangerous because it may cause chaos and violence in the society. The way he coped with this situation was a good way because it was safe for him.

What is Staples thesis in just walk on by?

In “Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space” Brent Staples discusses his ability to alter others emotions with his presence. Staples explains his thesis throughout the essay through narratives of incidents in his life.

What does staples mean in paragraph 1 when he calls the woman his first victim?

Staples characterize the woman he encounters in paragraph 1 as a victim due to the fact the as she glimpses around behind her on a deserted street, a figure of a “youngish black man – a broad six feet two inches with a bread and billowing hair, both hands shoved into the pocketsof a bulky military jacket,” as Staple …

What does staples mean by the phrase public space?

the ability to alter public space

What is his purpose in quoting Norman Podhoretz and Edward Hoagland are they providing support for his viewpoint a contrasting viewpoint expert testimony or something else?

Are they providing support for his viewpoint, a contrasting viewpoint, expert testimony, or something else? The purpose of quoting Norman Podhoretz and Edward Hoagland is they provide support for his viewpoint. These are respected authors, thus they have some sort of credibility.

How does Staples describe himself how is he often seen by others?

1. Staples describes himself as “indistinguishable from the muggers” in a public view, he is often being discriminated and seen as a rapist or a criminal, only because of his skin color.

What is the purpose of just walk on by?

The purpose is to explain how african americans like Staples go through stereotypes when people have nothing to be afraid of. In the text he mentions how he is a journalist and how harmless really he is. “I grew up one of the good boys, had perhaps a half-dozen fistfights.

Why was Staples really out on the street late that night?

Staples walks the streets at night because he has trouble sleeping. He walks everywhere in an effort to tire himself out. 4. Staples suggests that in our society, men are supposed to be powerful and have the ability to intimidate.

What is the meaning of unwieldy?

not easily managed, handled

Does Staples use logic emotion or a combination of the two to appeal to his readers?

Does Staples use logic, emotion, or a combination of the two to appeal to his readers? How appropriate is his strategy? a. He uses both logic and emotion, which is appropriate because it’s a double attack to make readers feel bad about what is going on.

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