What is the price of New Holland 3630?

What is the price of New Holland 3630?

New Holland 3630 TX Super, 50 hp Tractor, 1700 kg, Price from Rs. 521000/unit onwards, specification and features.

What is the price of New Holland 3600?

New Holland 3600-2 TX All Rounder, 50 hp Tractor, 1500 kgf, Price from Rs. 692000/unit onwards, specification and features.

What is the price of New Holland tractor in India?

New Holland Tractor Price List 2022 in India

New Holland Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
New Holland 5620 Tx Plus 65 HP Rs. 9.20 Lakh – 10.60 Lakh
New Holland 3630-TX Super 50 HP Rs. 7.75 Lakh – 8.20 Lakh
New Holland 3230 TX Super 42 HP Rs. 5.85 Lakh – 6.15 Lakh
New Holland Excel 5510 50 HP Rs. 7.70 Lakh – 8.20 Lakh

Is New Holland a good tractor?

Yes, after perusing the internet for answers, it’s safe to say this is a good tractor. That said, the New Holland Tractor company placed third in this consumer survey. In addition, it’s rated one of the top five best tractor brands in both Australia and in the U.S. Overall, New Holland is considered a reliable tractor.

What is the price of New Holland 6010?

New Holland EXCEL 6010, 60 hp Tractor, 2000 kg, Price from Rs. 800000/unit onwards, specification and features.

What is the price of Swaraj 855?

Swaraj 855 XM, 55 hp Tractor, 1700 kgf, Price from Rs. 601000/unit onwards, specification and features.

What is the price of Mahindra 575 DI?

Mahindra 575 DI, 45 hp Tractor, 1600 kg, Price from Rs. 530000/unit onwards, specification and features.

Which tractor is best in India?

List of Top 10 Tractors for Farming in India

Name of the Tractors Prices of the Tractors
Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT Starts from ₹ 2.50 Lakhs
Sonalika DI 35 RX Starts from ₹ 5 Lakhs
Preet 3549 Starts from ₹ 5 Lakhs
Kubota NeoStar B2741 Starts from ₹ 5.45 Lakhs

How much is New Holland?

New Holland 55 HP Tractor Price The New Holland tractor price list in India of 55 HP starts from Rs. 7.65 Lakh* – Rs. 8.50 Lakh*.

What is New Holland Blue Power?

The premium Blue Power models feature New Holland’s most advanced and productive technology. Their Auto Command™ transmissions enable infinite speed variation: set the precise forward or reverse speed you require, then sit back, relax and let your Blue Power take care of the rest.

What is the price of New Holland 3630 TX Super in India?

The New Holland 3630 TX SUPER Price in India. Ex Show Room New Holland tractor Price is Rs.8,85,000 Lakh* price list this tractor should be different in different locations. New Holland 3630 Tractor Ex.Show Room Price in Gujarat: Rs.8,85,000*.

How many gears does a New Holland 3630 tractor have?

The New Holland 3630 model comes with a powerful gearbox that has 8 forward & 2 reverse gears. The gearbox gives optimum power to the rear wheels to run the tractor on the field. Its forward and reverse speed is 31.30 kmph and 14.98 kmph.

Is safety switch available in 3630 New Holland tractor?

Safety Switch are available in tractor, PTO Safety Switch are not available. Fuel tank capacity is 60.Ltr and Oil tank capacity is 5 Lts. Forward Speed is 31.30 kmph and Reverse Speed is 14.98 kmph. Straight Axcel so comfortable drive 3630 New Holland tractor is performing well with below applications.

How much does a New Holland tractor weigh?

The total weight of this New Holland model is 2080 KG. The 3630 New Holland tractor comes with 4wd and the best fully aired tyres of 7.50 x 16 or 9.5 x 24* front wheels and 14.9 x 28 or 16.9 x 28* rear wheels. Its hydraulics lifting capacity is 1700/ 2000 Kg that helps lift, push and pull the heavy farm equipment.

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