What is the picture on Unknown Pleasures?

What is the picture on Unknown Pleasures?

In simple terms, the image is a “stacked plot” of the radio emissions given out by a pulsar, a “rotating neutron star”. Originally named CP 1919, the pulsar was discovered in November 1967 by student Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her supervisor Antony Hewish at Cambridge University.

Where did Unknown Pleasures album cover come from?

Peter Saville, who had previously designed posters for Manchester’s Factory club in 1978, designed the cover of the album. Sumner or Morris, depending on the account, chose the image used on the cover, which is based on an image of radio waves from pulsar CP 1919, from The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy.

What Bass was used on Unknown Pleasures?

Yamaha G100
Throughout the recording of Unknown Pleasures, Curtis and Sumner opted for simplisitic, biting tones with minimal effects use. For live performances and presumably recording, Curtis used a solid-state Yamaha G100 2×12, which can be seen in various images of the band performing live.

What is a BB bass?

In the mid-seventies, Yamaha spent some time developing what was to become the cornerstone of their bass range. The new BB (short for Broad Bass) model first appeared in 1977, alongside a redesigned SB bass, and the PB.

Is Peter Hook in Unknown Pleasures?

Try again. In Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, Peter Hook, bassist for the legendary, groundbreaking band Joy Division, takes readers backstage with the group that helped define the sound of a generation and influenced artists such as U2, Radiohead, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Who is Peter Hook?

He is best known as the bassist and co-founder of English rock bands Joy Division and New Order. Hook formed the band which was to become Joy Division with Bernard Sumner in 1976. Following the death of lead singer Ian Curtis in 1980, the band reformed as New Order, and Hook played bass with them until 2007.

How old is Peter Hook from Joy Division?

Peter Hook was born in 1956 in Salford, England. A founding member of Joy Division and New Order, he is an international DJ and tours Joy Division’s music with his new band, the Light. He lives in Cheshire.

What instruments did Peter Hook play in New Order?

He is best known as the bassist and co-founder of English rock bands Joy Division and New Order. Hook often used the bass as a lead instrument, playing melodies on the high strings with a signature heavy chorus effect. In New Order, he would do this, leaving the actual basslines to keyboards or sequencers.

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