What is the most reliable dropper post?

What is the most reliable dropper post?

Best Dropper Posts – Top picks for every type of mountain bike…

  • BEST OVERALL: OneUp Dropper V2.
  • Best High Tech: RockShox Reverb AXS.
  • Most Durable: 9point8 Fall Line.
  • BEST FOR XC RIDERS: BikeYoke Divine SL.
  • BEST LEVER FEEL: RockShox Reverb Stealth.

Is 100mm of travel enough for a dropper post?

100mm is fine, and 125mm works well too.

What is a good dropper post?

OneUp Components V2 The OneUp V2 thoroughly impressed our testers and is among the best dropper posts we’ve tested. Combine that stellar performance with a low price tag, and the V2 is easily one of the best values in the test. This dropper easily performs as well as (or better than) models that cost twice as much.

Do XC riders use dropper posts?

Dropper posts have become almost ubiquitous on trail bikes in the last few years, and for enduro racing they are undoubtedly a vital piece of kit on any race worthy bike. …

Who makes the longest dropper post?

BikeYoke Revive 2.0
As far as we are aware, the BikeYoke Revive 2.0 is the longest dropper post on the market with 213mm of travel and a 582mm max length in its biggest size, which is good news for those with long legs.

Should I store dropper post up or down?

It’s best to store your bike with the dropper post in the extended position. All dropper posts use a spring to extend the seat upwards. In some posts, this air spring is small and held at relatively high pressure (around 200 – 250 psi).

How do I choose a dropper post?

To choose the correct travel dropper post, measure from the seatpost collar to the seat rail (in your climbing, or highest setting) on your current bike. Subtract 50mm from this measurement and the resulting number is the maximum travel length dropper post you can comfortably run.

Can You Bleed a RockShox Reverb dropper post?

The RockShox Reverb remains one of the most popular dropper posts out there, partly down to the fact that it is both reliable and easy to work on. Bleeding the system of your RockShox Reverb dropper seatpost will help keep it working in optimal condition.

Do reverb seatposts work with hydraulic systems?

RockShox Reverb seatposts work with hydraulic system that occasionally needs bleeding or the oil replacing. If air gets into the system the post will not work properly.

What kind of hydraulic fluid do reverb dropper posts need?

It’s important to note that Reverb dropper posts require a specific 2.5 weight hydraulic fluid that’s not the same as brake fluid. So make sure you purchase the right product – it will come as part of a bleed kit though. 1. Prepare

Is it possible to bleed a dropper post?

So, if your remote works but post operates in this fashion, you won’t make it any better by bleeding the remote. Reverb is often described as the most reliable dropper post, but being hydraulic it seems overcomplicated and prone to failure.

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