What is the meaning of discipleship?

What is the meaning of discipleship?

Discipleship in the Christian sense is the process of making someone become like Christ. The disciple of Christ is to become like Christ in everything. The primary purpose of Jesus’ coming to the world was to establish the kingdom of God through his death.

What is spiritual mentoring?

Spiritual mentoring is a relationship between mentor, mentee and the Holy Spirit. Through this relationship, the mentee seeks to discover what God is already doing in his or her life, and thereby grow in friendship with God, identity in God, and awareness of God’s call.

What are the traits of a mentor teacher?

Here are eight qualities to focus on:

  • Respect. First and foremost, there must be respect between the mentor and the mentee.
  • Listening. By truly listening, you get to know me.
  • Challenging. Great mentors push your thinking and help you grow in new ways.
  • Collaboration.
  • Celebration.
  • Truth.
  • Safety.
  • Empathy.

What Bible says about discipleship?

A definition of disciple is suggested by Jesus’ self-referential example from the Gospel of John “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

What are the keys to effective mentoring?

Consider these seven key qualities that can help you become an effective mentor.

  • Ability and willingness to communicate what you know.
  • Preparedness.
  • Approachability, availability, and the ability to listen.
  • Honesty with diplomacy.
  • Inquisitiveness.
  • Objectivity and fairness.
  • Compassion and genuineness.

What is a mentor in the Bible?

Applied to the theological context one can refer to these aspects of help- ing, leading, guiding, counseling, teaching and discipling as so called “Bibli- cal mentoring”, and Biblical mentoring is one of the most powerful means God used to develop leaders (possible mentors) and the simplest definition of that leader ( …

What should I look for in a spiritual mentor?

What Makes a Great Spiritual Mentor?

  • Guide Don’t Direct. Spiritual mentors often take the road less traveled and don’t always conform to societal norms.
  • Promote Positivity – Even in the Face of Adversity. We all have a choice of path, negative or positive.
  • Focus on the Growth of Others.
  • Commit to a Life of Selflessness.

What is the difference in mentoring and discipling?

With discipleship, either you are being directed or you are helping to disciple and direct a new believer. Whereas, a mentor is someone who listens to you. They most likely will not tell you directly what to do but they may help guide you in a Biblical way and listen to you and pray with you.

What does Discipler mean?

1 : one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another: such as. a Christianity : one of the twelve in the inner circle of Christ’s followers according to the Gospel accounts.

What’s the difference between mentor and mentee?

As nouns the difference between mentee and mentor is that mentee is a person who is being mentored while mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

What are the benefits of being a disciple?

Now, the benefits of one-on-one discipleship:

  • Discipleship creates opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • Discipleship helps you build strong relationships with newer Christians.
  • Discipleship helps you learn to better teach basic Bible truths.
  • Discipleship helps you memorize Scripture.

Why being a disciple of Jesus is a challenge?

False teachings, temptation, and persecution stalk the disciple every day of his life. His motive for bringing them into the disciple’s life is to try to stop him or mislead him from following Christ Jesus. He begins throwing these challenges at him right from the day he made the decision to follow Jesus as a disciple.

Why are you interested in becoming a mentor?

1. Become a better leader. Learning how to work with people to whom you don’t have a natural connection, demonstrating patience with those in need of guidance and support, helping people figure out the best path forward: all trademarks of a great leader AND skills honed through mentoring.

What are the responsibilities of a mentor teacher?

Mentor teacher and student teacher both initiate instruction and share ideas. Mentor teacher and student teacher pool their resources and think together about how to help individual students. Mentor teacher and student teacher observe each other, ask questions and offer feedback.

How do you mentor someone?

7 Tips About How to Mentor Someone

  1. #1: Ask Questions. One of the core actions a mentor can take is to ask their mentee questions.
  2. #2: Share Ideas. Mentees come to you because they value your opinion.
  3. #3: Tell Stories.
  4. #4: Dig Deeper.
  5. #5: Listen With Compassion.
  6. #6: Offer Encouragement.
  7. #7: Make Introductions.

What makes a good academic mentor?

A good mentor possesses the following qualities: Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. A good mentor is willing to teach what he/she knows and accept the mentee where they currently are in their professional development. Good mentors can remember what it was like just starting out in the field.

How do you ask someone to be a spiritual mentor?

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Schedule an initial conversation. Ask your potential mentor if he or she can make time for a 15-30 minute chat with you.
  2. Clearly describe the guidance you’re seeking.
  3. Confirm your willingness to do the necessary work and follow-through.
  4. Acknowledge and respect the individual’s time.

What are the characteristics of a disciple?

What are qualities of discipleship? Qualities of discipleship include going to share the Good News to non-believers, teaching, loving God, loving others, standing out, denying ourselves, being firm in God’s word, fellowship with other believers, imitators of Christ, dedicated, steadfast, and investing in missions.

What does the Bible say about mentorship?

Mentorship, of course, is also vital to Christian discipleship. Jesus mentored the Twelve—“his own who were in the world” (John 13:1)—to know him (and, through him, to know the Father) and to re-present God’s love in the world. Even as he reminded them “servants are not greater than their master,” he washed their feet.

Did Jesus have a mentor?

The disciples of Jesus didn’t choose Him but they responded to His invitation – He chose them. Matt 4:18-22 tells us how Jesus called Peter and his brother, Andrew, and the two sons of Zebedee, James, and John. He called them to be His followers, and through that mentored them.

Why do you want to be a mentor teacher?

Mentor teachers can provide invaluable help to new teachers. New teachers can turn to their mentors for support when times are tough and seek their advice. In many programs, mentors are responsible for new teacher assessments and mentors can suggest training for teachers to improve performance.

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