What is the largest newspaper in Montana?

What is the largest newspaper in Montana?

The Billings Gazette
The Billings Gazette is a daily newspaper published in Billings, Mont., and is the largest circulation newspaper in Montana.

Who owns Montana newspapers?

Lee Enterprises
HELENA — Lee Enterprises, the owner of several Montana newspapers, has rejected a bid by Alden Global Capital, LLC, a hedge fund, to purchase the company. Lee is the parent company of the Montana newspapers the Helena Independent Record, the Missoulian, the Billings Gazette, the Montana Standard and the Ravalli …

What is the best selling daily newspaper in the US?

Top 10 U.S. Newspapers by Circulation

  1. The Wall Street Journal. wsj.com.
  2. The New York Times. nytimes.com.
  3. USA Today. usatoday.com.
  4. The Washington Post. washingtonpost.com.
  5. Los Angeles Times. latimes.com.
  6. Tampa Bay Times. tampabay.com/
  7. New York Post. nypost.com.
  8. Chicago Tribune. chicagotribune.com.

What are the 5 biggest newspapers in the US?

Here are the top 10 newspapers by circulation in the U.S.:

  • The New York Times.
  • Los Angeles Times.
  • New York Post.
  • The Washington Post.
  • Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
  • Chicago Tribune.
  • Houston Chronicle.
  • New York Daily News.

Where is the Billings Gazette printed?

Billings Gazette

The logo of the Billings Gazette
Type Daily newspaper
Language English
Headquarters 401 North Broadway Avenue Billings, Montana 59101 United States
ISSN 2372-868X (print) 2372-8698 (web)

Who owns Alden Global Capital?

In November 2021, Alden Global Capital made an offer to purchase Lee Enterprises for $24 a share in cash, or about $141 million. Lee owns daily newspapers in 77 markets in 26 states, and about 350 weekly and specialty publications….Alden Global Capital.

Type Privately held company
Number of employees 15
Website aldenglobal.com

Who owns Helena Independent Record?

Lee Enterprises, Inc.
The Helena Independent Record is one of several newspapers owned by Lee Enterprises, Inc., which owns newspapers in over 50 markets nationwide and publishes Montana newspapers including the Billings Gazette, The Montana Standard and the Helena Independent Record. Lee Enterprises publishes both the Missoulian and the …

What newspaper has the largest daily circulation?

The Wall Street Journal
Top 10 newspapers by circulation

Newspaper Primary service area Circulation
USA Today National 1,621,091
The Wall Street Journal National 1,011,200
The New York Times National 483,701
New York Post New York metropolitan area 426,129

How much is a subscription to the Billings Gazette?

For full access, it will cost $1.95 for a 30-day period. Non-subscribers can purchase full access for $6.95 for a 30-day period. Annual subscriptions are deeply discounted — $19.50 a year for print subscribers and $69.50 a year for non-subscribers.

How do I cancel my subscription to Billings Gazette?


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