What is the largest African American fraternity?

What is the largest African American fraternity?

Alpha Phi Alpha
Since its founding in 1906, more than 290,000 men have joined the membership of Alpha Phi Alpha and a large percentage of leadership within the African-American community in the 20th century originated from the ranks of the fraternity.

What does it mean to be the ace in a sorority line?

A. Ace: The first person in an intake class for a culturally-based fraternity or sorority. (

Why are Alphas called ice cold?

Again, the “ice” refers to the value of being coldly determined and steadfast, refusing to be deterred from one’s goal (of becoming an Alpha, and by extension, other worthy life goals.

What is the sister sorority to Alpha Phi Alpha?

Kamala Harris, a member of sister sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, run for vice president. In separate interviews over the past month, we asked Scott, Meeks and Cleaver about the legacy and future of the fraternity, as Harris’ bid keeps it in the national spotlight.

Why are black fraternities Greek?

Starting in the early twentieth century, African American students formed their own Greek fraternities and sororities to foster communal bonds and increase professional opportunities after collegiate careers, but also to provide community service to the African American community.

What is an ace in Greek life?

Ace: The first person in a new member line of an NPHC organization. Active: An initiated member of a fraternity or sorority. A member in good standing. Alumna/Alumnus: An initiated member who has graduated. Female and male, respectively. Singular.

What frat was Martin Luther King in?

King joined the Boston Sigma chapter of Alpha in June 1952, while a student at Boston University. Fraternity brothers supported King during the Montgomery bus boycott, sitting behind him at his trial and donating money to the Montgomery Improvement Association.

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