What is the Gale Virtual Reference Library?

What is the Gale Virtual Reference Library?

The Gale Virtual Reference Library provides access to reference titles on American Indians, the environment, history, law, and natural science. There are also some general reference works and biographical sources. Search a single eBook or the whole collection.

Is Gale eBooks credible?

Gale gives us credible and reliable resources, with the added bonus of high functionality.

Is Gale Virtual Reference Library free?

Offer your users a hassle-free eBook experience, anytime, anywhere, on any device. The Gale eBooks platform provides comprehensive support from many of today’s top publishers, optimized for search, discovery, and integration across your library’s educational programs.

How do I access the Gale Virtual Reference Library?

You can access Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) – Gale, formerly Gale Virtual Reference Library, by following these steps:

  1. Select A-Z Database List on the library homepage under “Quick Links”
  2. Choose “V” from the alphabet.
  3. Find Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) – Gale on the list of databases available there.

Is Gale an encyclopedia?

The Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health, 2nd Edition is an authoritative source on public health issues. Written by medical writers and reviewed by subject matter experts, this timely, comprehensive resource is ideal for students and other readers interested in the broad field of public health.

What is Gale books and authors?

Gale Books and Authors is a reader’s go-to site for everything: book suggestions from experts, titles, biographies and more. Gale Books and Authors browse by genre feature. Fiction selections reflect the genres readers like best: mystery, science fiction, inspirational, romance, nonfiction, western, horror and fantasy.

Is everything on Gale peer-reviewed?

Gale helps libraries connect to researchers who are in search of credible, timely content. Our wide range of online databases offers faculty, researchers, students, and adult learners open access to scholarly, peer-reviewed content they would not otherwise have access to.

What are 3 types of resources that you can find on Gale resources?

Gale offers thousands of resources like databases, eBooks, primary source content, eLearning solutions, and more. See what’s available at your library!

What is the password for Gale databases?

The password for all of the CHSE Gale databases is cran_log.

How is Gale credible?

Best known for accurate and authoritative reference content as well as intelligent organization of full-text magazine and newspaper articles, Gale publishes learning resources in a variety of formats including Web portals, digital archives, print, and e-books.

How is Gale in context credible?

Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints delivers credible facts and current insight into today’s most debated political and social issues. Pro and con viewpoint articles, especially helpful for debate assignments and persuasive essays. Full-text magazines, academic journals, and newspapers.

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