What is the fastest belt sander?

What is the fastest belt sander?

Makita 9403
Here’s a photo of the foundation of our racer: A Makita 9403, which I snagged on Amazon for a great price. My research uncovered that this sander is the fastest stock sander, with 1650fpm (feet per minute). That fact alone makes this a great choice if you are racing in the Stock Class.

What kind of sanding belts are best for metal?

As high-performance belts, both zirconia and ceramic sanding belts will last longer and remove metal faster than aluminum oxide or silicon carbide sanding belts. Both belts have the ability to resharpen as they wear and both are primarily used on metal applications. In the end, both types of belts are excellent belts.

What is the quietest belt sander?

Makita 9403 Belt
Our first choice is the Makita 9403 Belt Sander, which is known to have the lowest noise rating among its competitors. This belt sander has a 4” by 24” belt that rotates at a fast speed of 1,640 feet per minute and is used for fast and precise sanding jobs.

What sandpaper is best for wood?

Primary sanding of rough wood and the removal of planning marks on wood is often best done with medium-grit sandpaper. Fine sandpapers range from 120- to 220-grit. For most home workshops, this sandpaper will suffice for final sanding before the work is finished.

How long is a belt sander race track?

Most series run a 25- to 75-foot track with two classes, Stock and Modified (or Unlimited). Fueled by the power company’s finest 110v, these belt-sander drag racers go through their power tools to find every ounce of speed.

Can I sand metal with a belt sander?

If you use the belt sander to sand metal, you’ll create sparks, which can start a fire if they mix with the sawdust in the machine and the dust bag. Blow or vacuum the dust out of the sander before you use it on metal, and remove the dust bag. Make sure the trigger is off before plugging the sander in.

Can you use belt sander metal?

The heavy duty belt sander was designed to do general material removal whether it’s wood and or metal. Making sure you use the right belt type and grit for the material that you’re wanting to sand. If your sanding metal you be able to remove all sharp edges and round corners quickly.

What should I look for when buying a belt sander?

Choosing A Belt Sander

  • SIZE. The size of a belt sander is measured by the width and length of the belt.
  • VARIABLE SPEED. A belt sander excels at removing a lot of material at high speed.
  • DUST COLLECTION. A belt sander can fill the air in your shop with fine dust in a matter of seconds.

Why should you use a belt sander over a orbital sander?

A belt sander is more effective for large materials, while the orbital sander is ideal for small spaces and pieces of furniture. A belt sander works effectively on flat surfaces, while an orbital sander can work with various angles.


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