What is the difference between WD My Passport and ultra?

What is the difference between WD My Passport and ultra?

They are both typically the same but the only difference according to me is that the Ultra comes with WD software and can be connected to the cloud. The Ultra is a passport with these two extra features.

What is WD My Passport Ultra used for?

Automatic, scheduled backup software—The WD Backup™ software works quietly in the background to help protect your data using minimal computer resources. Set the backup schedule to automatically back up your files at any time, on any day, week, or month.

What kind of hard drive is in a WD My Passport Ultra?

USB 3.0 Type-C External Hard
Expand the storage on your Windows system and back up photos, video, music, and documents using the blue 2TB My Passport Ultra USB 3.0 Type-C External Hard Drive from WD. This drive is equipped with 2TB of storage and a USB 3.0 Type-C interface.

How much storage is on My Passport Ultra?

In my testing, it’s much faster than its predecessor. The Ultra offers up to 2TB of storage space, comes with WD SmartWare backup software, and is available in four colors: titanium, red, black, and blue.

Does WD My Passport have USB-C?

Equipped with USB-C™ technology, the My Passport™ Ultra portable drive offers an easy way to expand your storage with a modern metal design that complements your PC.

How Fast Is passport Ultra?

117 Megabytes per second
With the My Passport Ultra 4TB connected to a USB 3 port, Crystal Disk Mark measured read and write speeds of 252.8 and 117 Megabytes per second when using a 50MB test size and 132.7 and 122.4 Megabytes per second when the test file size was increased to 1GB.

Is WD My Passport Ultra worth it?

TechRadar Verdict The WD My Passport Ultra 4TB (2019) is a good storage device, but if a long warranty and a Type-C connector are low on your priority list, then there are drives that offer better value for money, either from WD’s own portfolio or from rivals.

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