What is the difference between Buick Grand National and GNX?

What is the difference between Buick Grand National and GNX?

The GNX has all the interior features of a fully loaded Grand National, except for T-tops or a sunroof/moonroof (to increase structural integrity), although some customers may have opted to have a sunroof or T-tops retrofitted.

What does GNX stand for?


Acronym Definition
GNX Grand National
GNX Grand National Experimental (General Motors)
GNX Global Net Exchange
GNX Grand National Extra (Buick)

Will Buick bring back the Grand National?

Next-Gen Buick Grand National Reimagined As 2023 Model Whets Appetite For Comeback. While the American muscle car hasn’t been in production since 1987, an artist has piqued gearheads’ interest with what a new version might look like.

What does GBX stand for?

Great British Pence (stocks currency)

What’s the difference between a regal and a Grand National?

The differences between a WE4 and the Grand National were the interior trim package, wheels, exterior badging, aluminum bumper supports, and aluminum rear drum brakes as opposed to the Grand National’s cast iron, making the WE4 a lighter and faster car.

Did Grand Nationals have T tops?

1) The Buick Regal Grand National debuted at the 1982 Daytona 500, not as the fire-breathing performance car it would become, but as an appearance package for the Buick Regal, featuring two-tone paint in grey and black, a T-top roof with removable panels, a rear spoiler, a console-mounted shifter, bucket seats and …

What color were Buick Grand Nationals?

They pride themselves on the shallow knowledge they have, asserting themselves in their diehard belief that Buick Grand Nationals were produced in only a single color–black–and only during the 1984 through 1987 model years. They are wrong.

How good is the new GNX sled?

Although the GNX’s performance in the drag-race mode is measurably improved, the new suspension pieces do little to help the old sled’s handling. At 0.80 g, it has respectable skidpad grip, but no more than the Grand National we tested last year.

How many GNXs did Buick sell?

The original 500 GNXs were allocated to Buick’s 500 top-selling dealers (out of roughly 2700 at the time), “but well more than 500 wanted one,” said then–assistant general sales manager Darwin Clark. “And we had the Select Sixty program, where Buick dealers competed to be among our top 60.

How many 1987 gns were converted to GNX?

But Buick extended its Grand National build through the end of that year to satisfy demand. A total of 20,740 GNs were built for 1987 (versus 5512 in 1986). Of those, exactly 547 would be converted to GNXs. A Big Last Hurrah

How many GNXs will ever be converted to GNX?

Of those, exactly 547 would be converted to GNXs. The GNX happened because then–chief engineer Dave Sharpe, advanced concepts manager Mike Doble, and project engineer Chuck Jensen badly wanted it.

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