What is the dictionary definition of jurisdiction?

What is the dictionary definition of jurisdiction?

noun. the right, power, or authority to administer justice by hearing and determining controversies. power; authority; control: He has jurisdiction over all American soldiers in the area. the extent or range of judicial, law enforcement, or other authority: This case comes under the jurisdiction of the local police.

What is an example of a jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction is defined as the power or authority to decide legal cases. An example of jurisdiction is a court having control over legal decisions made about a certain group of towns. The power wielded by a government over its subjects, their property, and the land and natural resources within its boundaries.

Does jurisdiction mean area?

A jurisdiction is an area with a set of laws under the control of a system of courts or government entity which are different from neighbouring areas. Each state in a federation such as Australia, Germany and the United States forms a separate jurisdiction.

What is the meaning of the root word jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction means having a legal right over something. This noun jurisdiction descends from Latin jūrisdictiō, formed from jūris (from jūs “law”) plus dictio, “the act of saying.” Think of it as who has the right to “say” what “the law” is.

What is the purpose of jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction is important because if a court does not have jurisdiction over a case, it does not have the legal authority to pass judgment on the case.

What are the 4 types of jurisdictions?

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  • Exclusive jurisdiction. Only federal courts have authority to hear , state courts cannot.
  • Concurrent Jurisdiction. Federal or state courts could hear.
  • Original Jurisdiction. Court is the first one to hear case.
  • Appelate Jurisdiction. Court can only hear a case on appeal.

What are the 3 jurisdictions of law?

There are three types of jurisdictions: Original Jurisdiction– the court that gets to hear the case first. For example Municipal courts typically have original jurisdiction over traffic offenses the occur within city limits. Appellate Jurisdiction– the power for a higher court to review a lower courts decision.

What is assert jurisdiction?

2 verb If you assert your authority, you make it clear by your behaviour that you have authority. (=establish) After the war, the army made an attempt to assert its authority in the south of the country… ♦ assertion n-uncount usu N of n. The decision is seen as an assertion of his authority within the company.

What is a jurisdiction country?

While a governing law clause determines which country’s laws apply to an international contract, a jurisdiction clause specifies which country’s courts should hear a dispute.

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