What is the code for Spain mobiles?

What is the code for Spain mobiles?

Country phone codes +34 is the country calling code assigned to Spain by the International Telecommunication Union.

How do I call a Spanish mobile?

Dial 00 for an international call, then 34 which is the code for Spain, then the subscriber’s number, including the area code. See our table of international codes. You cannot make reverse charge calls from a call box, nor receive calls.

How do you dial 34?

How to call a mobile number in Spain

  1. Dial 011, the exit code.
  2. Dial 34, the country code for Spain.
  3. Dial 91234-5678, the mobile number.

What is Spain’s location?

Spain, country located in extreme southwestern Europe. It occupies about 85 percent of the Iberian Peninsula, which it shares with its smaller neighbour Portugal.

What is the area code for Madrid Spain?


City Dial Codes
Madrid +34-91
Malaga +34-95
Melilla +34-952
Murcia +34-968

How do I dial a mobile number in Spain?

Dial the international call prefix (00/+), the country code for Spain (34), , then the subscriber number e.g. 00-34-911XXXXXX or +34-911XXXXXX.

Which country has +34 code?

Spain Country
Spain Country Code 34 – Worldometer.

What are the geographic regions of Spain?

The country can be divided into ten natural regions or subregions: the dominant Meseta Central, the Cantabrian Mountains (Cordillera Cantabrica) and the northwest region, the Ibérico region, the Pyrenees, the Penibético region in the southeast, the Andalusian Plain, the Ebro Basin, the coastal plains, the Balearic …

How is Spain divided?

Spain and its 17 autonomous communities are subdivided into 50 provinces (Spanish: provincias, IPA: [pɾoˈβinθjas]; sing. provincia). Spain’s provincial system was recognized in its 1978 Constitution but its origin dates back to 1833 with a similar predecessor from 1822 (during the Trienio Liberal).

What area code is 910 Spain?

+34-910-(990000… 999999): Madrid, Madrid (M) | Spain Area Code Database 📞

What is the area code for Zaragoza Spain?

Area codes

National Destination Code Max length Category or Province
873 9 Lleida
876 9 Zaragoza
877 9 Tarragona
881 9 A Coruña

What is the telephone country code for Spain?

Country codes › Spain › Madrid . Madrid dialing code is +34 91. +34 is the country code for Spain and 91 is the area code for Madrid.

What is the Spanish area code?

Spanish Fort, AL is served by one area code which is area code 251. In addition to Spanish Fort, AL area code information read more about area code 251 details and Alabama area codes. Spanish Fort, AL is located in Baldwin County and observes the Central Time Zone .

What is code number of Spain?

Calling Spain from the United States explained: 011 – US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada. 34 – Country Code for Spain. Phone Number – 9 digits.

What is the calling code for Spain?

Calling to Spain. Country code 01134 (exit code of ‘011’ used in the United States and Canada followed by Spain’s country code of ’34’). When calling to a mislabeled country code, remove the exit code from the call sequence and replace it with the exit code of the country where the call is dialed.

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