What is the Canton Fair and how many phases does it have?

What is the Canton Fair and how many phases does it have?

First held: April 1957. Interval: Three phases per session; two sessions per year. Spring session: April 15–19 (Phase 1); April 23–27 (Phase 2); May 1–5 (Phase 3). Autumn session: October 15–19 (Phase 1); October 23–27 (Phase 2); October 31- November 4 (Phase 3).

Where is the Canton Fair?

Canton Fair Complex2019, 2019, 2018.
Guangzhou2016, 2016
Canton Fair/Event locations

Where is Canton Fair located?

Where is Phase 3 of the Canton Fair 2019 held?

Phase 3 will be held in Hall 11.2 in Area B and Hall 15.1 in Area C of the Canton Fair Complex from October 31 – November 4, 2019, with a total exhibition area of 7,000 square meters. Food & Drink and Household Items will be exhibited in Hall 11.2 in Area B, and Fabrics and Home Textiles will be in Hall 15.1 in Area C respectively.

How to ensure the health of the exhibitors at the Canton Fair?

To ensure personal health of the exhibitors, the Canton Fair shall arrange restaurants to provide healthy meals for the exhibitor in the exhibition hall. The exhibitor shall therefore be suggested not to order Chinese or western foods from other sources or bring the same into the hall.

What is the International Pavilion at Canton Fair?

Since the 101st session in Oct. 2007, the Canton Fair has set up an International Pavilion specially tailored for overseas exhibitors. The International Pavilion will be held in open in two phases, i.e. Phase 1 and Phase 3 in the 126thsession as per exhibit categories.

What are the exhibits of the 126thsession of Canton Fair?

Exhibits of the International Pavilion of the 126thSession of Canton Fair fall into the scope of the custody of China Customs, and shall enjoy such special treatments as exempt from getting import permit, exempt from pay for import tariff and other taxes.

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