What is the best strategy for clan wars?

What is the best strategy for clan wars?

Probably the most popular and easiest war tactic to organize your clan. All members must attack the “mirrored” enemy on the first attack. If you are the number 11 you should attack the enemy number 11. The big pro on this tactic is how easy it is to organize.

What makes a good COC war base?

All good war bases should: Protect the Town Hall (BIGGEST PRIORITY) Make sure the Clan Castle is well centered and not very easy to “pull”. (SECOND BIGGEST PRIORITY)

Which is the best clan in COC?

Clans Trophies Ranking

Name Clan Points
1 bangladesh wc 59,888
2 A-Z CLAN 59,841
4 IND.RI 58,929

How does clan war matchmaking work?

Clans are matched up based on the overall strength of its members. Strength is based on each member’s attacking power (troops, army camp capacity and spells) and defensive power (defense buildings, walls and traps). Matchmaking will also factor in Win/Loss records. …

How do you build a good war base?

Fundamentals of a War Base

  1. Protect the Town Hall (BIGGEST PRIORITY)
  2. Make sure the Clan Castle is well centered and not very easy to “pull”.
  3. Have many pockets in the base and makes a good use of funneling.
  4. Make sure the Mortars and Air Defenses cover good area.
  5. Make sure Wizard Towers protect Mortars and Air Defenses.

How to participate in a clan war?

First things first: in case you haven’t done so already, you must do the obvious in order to get the chance to participate in a Clan War: rebuild your Clan Castle and join or create a Clan. Now the fun part begins! When there are 10 eligible players in the clan, the leader and co-leader have the option to start a clan war.

What is the most important thing in Clash of clans?

The War Base The most important element in a Clash of Clans clan war is clearly the War Base. This is basically your village copied into the War Base. There is one huge change to consider: you don’t have to defend your resource silos, but the Town Hall as you want the enemy attackers to get the least stars possible with their attacks.

How do you make a good clan?

Good clans all have one thing in common: strong defensive networks. Set up a defense first, and make sure to keep the storage stuff well defended. Mortars must stay near the town hall and cannons outside those. Only attack someone you know you can handle.

How do I make my clan have easy Wars?

So to get a easy war you need to get an easy opponent first. So what you do is to instruct you clan mates to focus more on learning attacking strategies and upgrading troops rather than to upgrading the defence. If your clan most does dragon attacks then make sure that their dragons and balloons are at max lvl.

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