What is the best Mosin-Nagant?

What is the best Mosin-Nagant?

Finnish capture Mosin Nagants are regarded as being the most well built of all Mosins. These rifles were taken during the Winter war and modified to meet Finnish standards resulting in one of the most accurate and reliable rifles of the era.

How many Mosin-Nagant variants are there?

No. built ~37,000,000 (Russia/Soviet Union)
Variants see Variants
Mass 4 kg (8.8 lb) (M91/30) 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) (M38) 4.1 kg (9.0 lb) (M44)

What does the 91 30 Mosin mean?

The following Russian 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifles are stamped with two (or more) dates and the letters MO, indicating that they were issued to the Soviet Ministry of Defense, an enigmatic Soviet organization really responsible for “internal security” (think of boxcar-loads of people being “relocated” to Siberia and …

What to look for in buying a Mosin Nagant?

When purchasing a Mosin intended for shooting, check the barrel first. You want to look for sharp rifling. You can’t do much with a worn out barrel. The lands, or high spots, should be somewhat free of scratches and not terribly worn down.

How much does a Mosin Nagant cost?

The average price of Mosin Nagant M-44 is approximately $79.95 for laminated, and $69.95 for unlaminated. Tag: mosin–nagant.

What is the maximum effective range of a Mosin Nagant?

It fired 7.62 mm ammunition, fed from an integral, single stack magazine, loaded from the clip chargers, with capacity for 5 rounds. The Mosin-Nagant had a maximum range of around three kilometers but was only capable of effective aimed fire out to ranges of 400-500 meters.

Is the Mosin Nagant still usable for war?

Mosin Nagant is a five-shot internal magazine-fed military rifle developed from 1882 to 1891. It was used by the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire. Despite its old age, it still widely used all over the world these days .

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