What is the Amerika Bomber?

What is the Amerika Bomber?

The Amerika Bomber was a project to obtain a long-range strategic bomber for the Luftwaffe that would be capable of striking the contiguous United States from Germany, a distance of about 5,800 km (3,600 mi).

When was the long-range strategic bomber invented?

The concept was raised as early as 1938, but advanced, cogent plans for such a long-range strategic bomber design did not begin to appear before Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring until early 1942.

How many copies of the Amerikabomber plan were made?

The Amerikabomber project plan was completed on April 27, 1942, and submitted to Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring on May 12, 1942. The 33-page plan was discovered in Potsdam by Olaf Groehler, a German historian. Ten copies of the plan were made, with six going to different Luftwaffe offices and four held in reserve.

What was the most promising proposal for a modern heavy bomber?

The most promising proposals were based on conventional principles of aircraft design, and would have yielded aircraft very similar in configuration and capability to the Allied heavy bombers of the day.

What was the Amerikabomber project?

The Amerikabomber (English: America bomber) project was an initiative of the German Ministry of Aviation ( Reichsluftfahrtministerium) to obtain a long-range strategic bomber for the Luftwaffe that would be capable of striking the United States (specifically New York City) from Germany, a round-trip distance of about 11,600 km (7,200 mi).

What was the Ural bomber?

The Ural Bomber, as it was originally titled, was Germany’s first genuine long-range attacking platform. ( Nazis made it to the East Coast in Operation Pastorius ).

Could the Amerikabomber have made a difference in WW2?

Nazi Germany’s nuclear programme was years behind the Allies, and did not include weapons in the form of aerial bombs, so it was unlikely that the Amerikabomber could have made a major difference to the outcome of the war. Ultimately, all of the aircraft designs under consideration were deemed too expensive and/or ambitious and were abandoned.

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