What is Tango Blast stand for?

What is Tango Blast stand for?

Texas Syndicate. Barrio Azteca. Puro Tango Blast, or Tango Blast, is a term used to collectively describe various regionally based street, and prison gangs of generally Hispanic men from major Texas cities.

What is Tango Blast motto?

Houston, Texas is a cultural melting pot, home to many immigrants in search of the American dream. But the city’s streets are cloaked in bloodshed by a violent, hardcore gang: Tango Blast. The gang’s motto, “If you ain’t blasting, you ain’t lasting” explains their view on life.

Who are the Texas Syndicate enemies?

Texas Syndicate

Founded 1978
Membership (est.) 1,300+
Activities Drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution, protection, gambling, and contract murder
Allies Dirty White Boys Gulf Cartel Texas Mafia Los Zetas
Rivals Aryan Brotherhood Nuestra Familia Mexican Mafia Mexikanemi Tango Blast

What is a Tango Ice Blast made of?

All you need is a glug of Tango orange, a selection of ice lollies of your choice, a handful of ice and some red or blue food colouring. Simply blitz these ingredients in a blender, and you can easily enjoy the popular two-tone slushy without leaving the house.

How many calories does a Tango Ice Blast have?

Energy: 187 calories

Protein 0g
Carbs 47.5g
Fat 0g

What does stg mean in TDCJ?

What is a Security Threat Group (STG)? Any group of offenders TDCJ reasonably believes poses a threat to the physical safety of other offenders and staff due to the very nature of said Security Threat Group.

Where did the Texas Syndicate come from?

The Texas Syndicate originated in the early 1970’s in the California prison system as a response to other prison gangs that were preying on native Texan inmates. These Texas offenders banded together for protection purposes and became known as one of the most feared prison gangs within the California prison system.

Who is the leader of the Texas Syndicate?

Leader Of “Texas Syndicate” Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced To More Than 25 Years In Prison. LUBBOCK, Texas – Cruz Perez, a/k/a “Travieso,” 41, was sentenced today by Senior U.S. District Judge Sam R.

Is Tango Ice Blast fizzy?

The Official Tango Ice Blast Twitter Account – the UK’s number one fizzy iced crystal drink!

Is Tango Ice Blast vegan?

That’s right! Tango Ice Blasts are vegan and no sugar!

Are Tango ice blasts unhealthy?

Because it’s calorie-free, it’s often found in low-calorie foods like fizzy drinks, chewing gum and breakfast cereals. There have been reports that it can cause migraines, although it is generally thought of to be safe for humans to eat, according to the NHS website.

Why does Tango Blast have a star tattoo?

The star is a common tattoo for Tango Blast members, and the “214” is the area code of this member’s home territory, Dallas. Before he went into prison, he was a member of a Dallas neighborhood gang. Now he can claim affiliation with both gangs, a worrying trend among Tango Blasters for police. (Tanya Eiserer – Staff)

What is Tango Blast?

Although often referred to as a prison gang, Tango Blast is different than traditional prison gangs such as Mexikanemi and the Texas Syndicate, lacking the typically strict hierarchy of those organizations.

How many Tango Blast members are in Texas?

Earlier this year, Texas prison officials added the group to their list of regularly monitored gangs. So far, they have identified about 700 confirmed Tango Blast members.

What are the 4 Horsemen of the Tango Blast?

The four biggest Tango Blast groups – called the “Four Horsemen” – are in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. Houstone – Their hometown is Houston. They use the Houston Astros star and the area code 713 as their main symbols. D-Town – Their hometown is Dallas.

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