What is Suncoast high school known for?

What is Suncoast high school known for?

Suncoast is recognized as one of America’s best high schools in all the national rankings. With a diverse student body, Suncoast students hail from more than 55 countries from around the world and represent 40 home languages.

Is Suncoast high school Hard?

Suncoast Community High School is wonderful school because of all the things that it offers and provides for it’s students. It really is one of the hardest schools to go to however, but once you get past the toughness that this school offers, you really understand the potential and power that the school provides.

Is Suncoast a good high school?

Suncoast Community High School is ranked #128 in the National Rankings….Ranking Factors.

Ranking Factors National State
College Readiness Index Rank #95 #15
College Curriculum Breadth Index Rank #91 #12
Math and Reading Proficiency Rank #853 #29

When was Suncoast high school built?

Suncoast Community High School/Founded
The original campus, built in 1955 as Riviera Beach High and renamed Suncoast in 1970, will become either a charter school or a brand new high school.

Does Suncoast have a dress code?

GUIDELINES. Students’ dress should be modest (cleavage and midriffs covered) with no visible undergarments. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee. Holes in pants must be at or below the knee only.

How many kids go to Suncoast?

Students at Suncoast belong to one or more of the school’s four magnet programs: Math, Science, and Engineering (MSE), Computer Science (CS), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Innovative Interactive Technology (IIT)….

Suncoast Community High School
Teaching staff 124
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1609 (2019-20)
Capacity 1714

Is it hard to get into Suncoast?

The specialized programs at Dreyfoos School of the Arts and Suncoast Community High School are widely considered among the county’s most prestigious, but they are hardly the most difficult to get into. Dreyfoos received 1,440 applications this past year and Suncoast received nearly 1,700.

How old is Suncoast high school?

Suncoast Community High School (abbreviated SHS) is a public magnet high school (grades 9–12) in Riviera Beach, Florida. The school’s campus was built in 1955 as Riviera Beach High School. It was desegregated in the 1960s and renamed in 1970. It became a magnet school in 1989 and has selective admissions.

Does Palm Beach Lakes High School have a dress code?

NO tights, leggings, knit skirts/pants or Yoga pants allowed. No shorts or capris. Dress Code clothing cannot be altered including but not limited to: rolled partly, cutting/rolling up, imprinted images or emblems or any kind.

What is Suncoast acceptance rate?

Suncoast Tech is an above-average public college located in South Gate Ridge, Florida. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 408 undergraduate students. The Suncoast Tech acceptance rate is 100%.

What do you need to get into Suncoast?

10th Grade

  1. Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  2. English I Honors or A.I.C.E. General Paper, World History (Honors or Advanced Placement (AP), Biology I Honors, Algebra I, World Language (French or Spanish), Physical Education and Personal Fitness.
  3. Please refer to 4-year plan. Please note program classes are subject to change.

What grade is Palm Beach Lakes High?

School Name: PALM BEACH LAKES HIGH SCHOOL NCES School ID: 120150002627 State School ID: FL-50-1851
Type: Regular school Status: Open Charter: No
Supervisory Union #: N/A Grade Span: (grades 9 – 12) 9 10 11 12
Website: http://pblh.palmbeachschools.org


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