What is star join in Hana?

What is star join in Hana?

SAP HANA SP7 has a key feature called STAR JOIN in Calculation View. This feature allows us to easily Model STAR JOIN when modeling with multiple fact tables where we need measures from multiple fact tables.

What is SAP HANA catalog?

The Modeler is organized by SAP HANA systems. The Catalog folder is organized by schemas. Schemas are analogous to databases. There are system schemas containing system tables and views. Each company database is represented by a schema and there is a schema for the SBOcommon database.

What is SAP HANA Developer?

You design, develop and test data models and ensure that data is correctly loaded into the system. As a SAP HANA Developer you work together with other developers, business analysts and the client to ensure that new or modified HANA applications are developed.

What is Hana cockpit in SAP?

SAP HANA cockpit is one of many administration tools that are available for SAP HANA. The SAP HANA cockpit provides aggregate, system and database administration features, for example, database monitoring, user management, and data backup.

What is aggregation in SAP HANA?

An aggregation node is usually attached to the semantics node by default if you are building a transaction calculation view(This means that the data category CUBE was selected when initially creating the view). Additional aggregation nodes can be added if required.

What is fact table in SAP HANA?

The fact table contains measure values and primary key for Dimension tables. Dim tables contain master data. Fact and dimension table are joined in HANA Modeling to achieve some business logic. Every sale is a fact that happens within the company and the fact table is used to record these facts.

What is the important property of catalog roles in SAP HANA?

Important properties of Catalog role: Non-transportable( created directly in the DB catalog (no design time)) Only grantor can revoke role. Not versioned.

What is content and catalog?

A content catalog refers to pages of website where the distribution of product is done. In simple terms, a catalog is defined as the container of products. Following are the key advantages that can be achieved using the Catalog and the Content Management feature of Hybris −

Is SAP HANA free?

It is free to use for in-memory databases of up to 32GB, and you can expand to 64, 96 or 128GB with the purchase of an additional license here.

How does Hana cockpit work?

The SAP HANA cockpit provides tools for the administration and monitoring of SAP HANA databases (resources), and for development capabilities through the SAP HANA database explorer. You can manage multiple resources, each running version SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 12, or later.

How do I activate Hana cockpit?


  1. In SAP HANA Cockpit Manager, select Cockpit Users.
  2. Select users: To. Action. Select only one user. Click the user in the list. Select multiple users. Click the  (Multi Select) icon at the top of the Cockpit Users list to allow multiple selections.
  3. Click Deactivate or Activate.

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