What is samsamson?

What is samsamson?

SAMSON develops and manufactures pneumatic linear and rotary actuators as well as electric linear actuators with or without fail-safe action. The electric actuators with process controllers are fitted with a digital controller and combine the functions of the automation equipment and actuator in one device.

What types of valves are available from samsamson?

SAMSON’s valves can be tailored to the specific control task. The modular design of our valves enables us to provide a wide variety of valves, such as globe vales, angle valves, three-way valves, in all commonly available in valve sizes, pressure ratings, and materials, with exchangeable trims, bellows seals or insulating sections.

What is Samson’s scope of services?

Our scope of services covers all stages of the product life cycle. It includes simple troubleshooting as well as comprehensive service agreements for entire projects. We provide the services our customers need to ensure the availability of their plants and production processes in the long term. The UK is an important market for SAMSON.

How are samsamson sensors used in building automation?

SAMSON sensors and thermostats are used in building automation. Our sensors measure the temperature in heating and DHW circuits. They are easily combinable with our automation systems.

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