What is Raynard Westbrook?

What is Raynard Westbrook?

Raynard Westbrook – Chief Content Officer – Russell Westbrook Enterprises | LinkedIn.

What does Russell Westbrook’s brother do?

Raynard Westbrook
Russell Westbrook/Brothers

Does Russell Westbrook have any brothers?

Westbrook was born in Long Beach, California, to Russell Westbrook Jr. and Shannon Horton. He has a younger brother named Raynard.

How tall is Deandre Jordan?

6′ 11″
DeAndre Jordan/Height

Who is Russell Westbrook girlfriend?

Nina Earl
Russell Westbrook marries college sweetheart in disappointingly conventional outfit. A year ago, Russell Westbrook proposed to Nina Earl, his college sweetheart. On Saturday, the Oklahoma City Thunder guard held a marriage ceremony attended by several other NBA stars and at least one Kardashian.

Does Russell Westbrook have a sister?

Evina Westbrook – Women’s Basketball – University of Tennessee Athletics.

Are the Westbrooks sisters related to Russell?

Jordyn is Russell’s youngest child and the twin sister of Skye. Russell is named after his father and name his first son after him. Shannon Westbrook who was Shannon Horton before her marriage to Russell. Raynard is Russell’s younger brother and played college football at Central Oklahoma.

Does Westbrook have a daughter?

Skye Westbrook
Jordyn Westbrook
Russell Westbrook/Daughters

Why is Westbrook called Brodie?

Russ has a Maltese puppy named ‘Brodie’. This is also a nick name for himself and his brother. Russ refers to himself as ‘Brodie’ on social media. Brodie is a cali slang word for bro or bruh.

What is Andre Drummond height?

6′ 10″
Andre Drummond/Height

How old is Raynard Westbrook?

Raynard Westbrook (born May 2, 1991) is an American former college football player Westbrook was born in Long Beach, California, to Russell Westbrook and Shannon Horton. He is the younger brother to NBA superstar point guard Russell Westbrook.

How tall are Russell Westbrook’s brothers?

Russell’s younger and only brother, Raynard Westbrook, stands at only around 5’6″ and goes to show how lucky Russell Westbrook was to have inherited the right genes for height from his family as he will clearly be nowhere near the player he is today if he didn’t grow past 5’8″. Jeremy Lin with his mum, dad, and two brothers.

How tall are Kawhi Leonard’s parents Mark and Kim Leonard?

Kawhi Leonard’s dad, Mark Leonard, stood at around 6’3″ and Kawhi’s mum, Kim Robertson, is around 5’5″. Kawhi’s father was shot and killed at a Compton car wash he owned in 2008. Kawhi was only 16 at the time and the murderer has still not been identified.

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