What is PTAR?

What is PTAR?

1 Introduction The Public Transportation Automatic Reimbursement PTAR is a web-based system that allows participating providers and facilities to submit, track, reimburse and process payments for transactions for public transport costs for eligible Medicaid clients.

What is the emedny version of the PTAR application?

The eMedNY version of the PTAR application saw a complete rewrite from the underlying technology to the user roles leaving only the name in common with its predecessor. MMTP A major addition to the PTAR application as part of the eMedNY upgrade was the incorporation of the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program (MMTP).

What is the difference between PTAR and MMTP?

MMTP is similar to PTAR in that clients are reimbursed for travel to methadone providers and, in turn, the providers request reimbursement from Medicaid or a managed care plan. The difference between the two programs is that MMTP’s transactions are simpler than PTAR’s, having only a client ID and date of service.

How do I contact PTAR support?

All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy For PTAR Help desk support please call 1-800-343-9000.

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