What is PRS in result?

What is PRS in result?

Marks have been shown in case of Pass Candidates. “P.R.S.” means Previous Result Stands because of no change in the result already declared. In case where the marks have been. revised in the paper/s but revision in the marks has no effect on the Previous Result as a whole, the paper/s and the revised marks have been.

What is meaning of RL in result?

Results Later
RL: Results Later is a new abbreviation which was introduced in 2020. In case a student’s data has not been submitted or there was an error, the board may use this abbreviation. This means that the student needs to appear for the compartment exam for that subject when they are conducted.

What is RL low in results?

RL(Lower) means the result is late due to supply in previous semester. 1 Share.

What is meaning of Rep in result?

Read, Evaluate, Print.

What is the full form PRS?

Website. www.prsindia.org. PRS Legislative Research, commonly referred to as PRS, is an Indian non-profit organisation that was established in September 2005 as an independent research institute to make the Indian legislative process better informed, more transparent and participatory. PRS is based in New Delhi.

What is RLA in result in Kuk?

” 3 CL Cancel. ” 4 RLA Result late due to non-availability of marks.

What is the meaning of RLA in PU result?

R.L.A. in the result column of a candidate means “Result late due to award.” and time period for taking the additional subject 03.

What is the meaning of R in Marksheet?

to Re-appear
Credits & marks. shown in the column of result means pass. “ R” means to Re-appear in the paper/s shown in the brackets. as per regulations.

What is RLA in PU result?

What is called rep?

In strength training, also known as resistance training or weightlifting, reps are the number of times you complete a single exercise before taking a rest or a break. When doing a resistance exercise, such as a biceps curl with a barbell, each time you lift your weight up and bring it back down would be one rep.

What does Rep mean in text?

slang. : reputation especially : status in a group (such as a gang) rep. noun (2)

What is PRS ticket?

What is PRS Counter Ticket? PRS stands for Passenger Reservation System. Which means mostly all of the railway stations will have this PRS Counters to book tickets through offline.

How to use VAR in Proc means to generate statistics?

In the DATA= option, you need to specify the dataset you want to use. In the VAR= option, you need to refer the numeric variables you want to analyze. You cannot refer character variables in the VAR statement. By default, PROC MEANS generates N, Mean, Standard Deviation, Minimum and Maximum statistics.

What is the PRT Option in Proc means?

It means any one of the classification variable can be displayed in descending order. With PROC MEANS, we can perform hypothesis testing using sample t-test. Alternative Hypothesis – Population Mean of Q1 is not equal to 0. The PRT option returns p-value which implies lowest level of significance at which we can reject null hypothesis.

What is the difference between Proc means and types?

With the TYPES statement, only the analyses specified in it are carried out by PROC MEANS. DESCENDTYPES Option : Orders rows/observations in the output data set by descending value of _TYPE_.

How many levels of classification does Proc means return?

When two ore more variables are included in the CLASS statement, PROC MEANS returns 3 levels of classification which is shown in the _TYPE_ variable. Suppose we are specifying variables AGE BU in the CLASS statement. SAS first returns mean and median of variables Q1-Q5 by BU.

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