What is PHPWord?

What is PHPWord?

PHPWord is a library written in pure PHP that provides a set of classes to write to and read from different document file formats. The current version of PHPWord supports Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML or OpenXML), OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument or ODF), and Rich Text Format (RTF).

How do you create an HTML document in Word?

Create Your HTML Document

  1. Start Microsoft Word.
  2. In the New Document task pane, click Blank Web Page under New.
  3. On the File menu, click Save. NOTE: The Save as type box defaults to Web Page (*. htm; *. html).
  4. In the File name box, type the file name that you want for your document, and then click Save.

How read data from docx file in PHP?

They can be read by using fopen. While . docx files are just zip files and xml files xml files in a zipfile container (source wikipedia) you can read them by using zip_open.

How can I display a Word document as .doc file in HTML using PHP?

6 Answers. Two options: First is to just link to it, e.g. My Word Document , the second is to use an iframe and point it to the document. For this to work, however, most browsers require that the server sends a Content-disposition: inline header with the document.

How can I edit a PHP file in Word?

You can use the PHPWord_Template Class to open an existing DOCX File and then replace some text marks with your individual text. Alternatively you can open the DOCX file with the ZipArchive extension and then read/write every xml File (document. xml, header. xml, footer.

How do I view a Word document in HTML?

Give the Word document a name and save it anywhere you like. You don’t need to close out of Word or even close this document. From right where you are, go to the View menu and select HTML Source. The Microsoft Script Editor will open, showing you the html code of your entire Word document.

How do I make a Word document into a URL?

Save a document as a webpage

  1. Click File > Save As and choose the location where you want to save your document.
  2. Name your file.
  3. In the Save as type list, choose Web Page, Filtered.

How do I extract text from a Word document?

To extract the contents of the file, right-click on the file and select “Extract All” from the popup menu. On the “Select a Destination and Extract Files” dialog box, the path where the content of the . zip file will be extracted displays in the “Files will be extracted to this folder” edit box.

How do I get text out of a Word document?

Open the DOCX file and click on File > Save As > Computer > Browser. Choose to save file as Plain Text (for XLSX files, save it as Text (Tab delimited)). Locate and open the text file with the name you have used to save it. This text file will contain only the text from your original file without any formatting.

How do I display a Word document in HTML?

Embed as HTML

  1. Open your document in Microsoft Word and then press “Alt-F-A” to open the Save As dialog box.
  2. Click the “Save as Type” drop-down box.
  3. Open the MHTML file you just created, using a text editor such as Notepad or an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver.

How do I use PhpWord?

To generate a Word document you need to create a PhpWord object which you then fill with the contents: $phpWord = new PhpWord(); To create your Word file from this object you need to save it using the Word2007 Writer: $objWriter = IOFactory::createWriter($phpWord, ‘Word2007’); $objWriter->save(‘MyDocument.

How to make Microsoft Word documents with PHP 1?

How To Make Microsoft Word Documents with PHP 1 Preparations. First, please make sure a typical WAMP environment has been set up in your Windows development machine. 2 The HTML form. 3 The back end. 4 Improving the coding speed and understanding more about PIA. 5 Conclusion.

What is phpword and how to implement it?

Hopefully, after reading through the text, you will have an idea of how to implement the perfect Word creator for your needs. PHPWord is a part of the PHPOffice library which enables to read and write documents in different file formats from PHP. Supported formats are HTML, ODText, PDF, RTF and Word2007, which we will concentrate on.

How to create content dynamically in PHP using phpword?

Ideally you can create the document content dynamically in PHP using PHPWord and merge this content into existing corporate design templates stored on your server. This way, if the corporate design of your customers changes, you only need to replace the template, while your content generation remains untouched.

What are the disadvantages of using PHP word with word?

The disadvantage is that managing all the detailed settings (like margins of pictures, logos, page margins, text styles and so on) of a Word document in PHPWord can lead to messy code if you don’t pay close attention from the start. Especially if you want to create your documents in different styles for different clients.

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