What is OSB 11g?

What is OSB 11g?

Understanding Oracle Service Bus 11g Release 1 (11.1. 1) Home / Middleware / Oracle Fusion Middleware Online Documentation Library, 11g Release 1 ( / SOA Suite, Business Process Management Suite, and Web Services. Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Service Bus.

What is an OSB server?

Oracle Service Bus (abbreviated OSB) is an enterprise service bus used by Oracle Corporation. Formerly named AquaLogic Service Bus, Oracle acquired this technology when it bought BEA Systems.

What is the difference between Oracle SOA and OSB?

As it turns out, OSB is Oracle-ese for Oracle Secure Backup. Well, and it used to also stand for Oracle Service Bus – but starting with SOA Suite 12c – that is no longer the case. The OSB is no more (or at least: it is no more the acronym for the Service Bus).

What is OSB routing option?

Dynamic Routing in OSB can be used when we want to determine the business service at runtime in the message flow. To store the information about the business services that can be used, we can use XQuery resource. So create a XQuery resource with the following contents.

What is OSB WebLogic?

OSB is the layer sandwiched between RSB and WebLogic. OSB provides its capabilities using many components including the important ones described in this chapter.

What is the use of Oracle Service Bus?

Oracle Service Bus transforms complex and brittle architectures into agile integration networks by connecting, virtualizing, and managing interactions between services and applications.

Is OSB part of Oracle SOA?

The Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is part of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g and stands in the center of modern process- and integration-solutions. The lightweight, stateless and high-performant architcture of the OSB turns it into an excellent tool for doing transformation and routing of messages.

What is service callout in OSB?

A Service Callout is not the actual target or end service for a Proxy Service in OSB. Its simply a service invocation to either modify, validate, transform, augment or enrich the incoming request or outgoing response within a proxy execution. It can be invoked from either the request or response path.

What is difference between OSB and ESB?

An ESB service is designed and configured with Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ESB Control user interfaces. OSB, formerly known as Aqualogic Service Bus, was acquired when Oracle bought BEA Systems. The two products are related and interchangeable.

What is Oracle Service Bus 12c?

Books. Oracle Service Bus is a configuration-based, policy-driven enterprise service bus that provides service-oriented integration, service management, and traditional message brokering.

What is Oracle Serial bus?

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