What is moral Contractarianism?

What is moral Contractarianism?

The moral theory of contractarianism claims that moral norms derive their normative force from the idea of contract or mutual agreement. Thus, individuals are not taken to be motivated by self-interest but rather by a commitment to publicly justify the standards of morality to which each will be held.

What is the Contractarian philosophy argument?

Contractarianism suggests that people are primarily self-interested, and that a rational assessment of the best strategy for attaining the maximization of their self-interest will lead them to act morally and to consent to governmental authority.

What is consequentialist moral reasoning?

Consequentialism is an ethical theory that judges whether or not something is right by what its consequences are. For instance, most people would agree that lying is wrong. But if telling a lie would help save a person’s life, consequentialism says it’s the right thing to do.

How does Contractarianism explain how morality is objective?

How does Contractarianism explain how morality is objective? Because it is beneficial to human nature. It does not come from God, but it is a set of rules, just like logic or natural science. If one doesn’t cooperate then you are free of your basic moral obligations to them.

What is morality according to Hobbes?

Hobbes’s concept of moral obligation stems from the assumption that humans have a fundamental obligation to follow the laws of nature and all obligations stem from nature.

What kind of theory is Contractarianism?

“Contractarianism” refers to a type of moral or political theory that employs the idea of contract (or, in less formal terms, agreement) among individuals to account for the content and the normative force of the requirements applicable to them, principally those governing their interaction.

What is teleological consequentialist ethics?

Consequentialist ethics come from the teleological branch of ethical theory. Consequentialist theories are those that base moral judgements on the outcomes of a decision or an action. If the outcomes of an action are considered to be positive, or to give rise to benefits, then that action is held to be morally right.

How does Contractarianism explain how morality is objective quizlet?

What is contractarianism in ethics?

Contractarianism is a viewpoint in both ethics and political theory. What is distinct about it is that considers how we should act by asking this question: How could we come to agree about the rules that should govern society? In contemporary contractarianism, moral norms derive from the idea of a contract or mutual agreement.

What are moral norms in contractarianism?

In contemporary contractarianism, moral norms derive from the idea of a contract or mutual agreement. The purpose is for the parties to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all.

What is moral contractualism?

Introduction. Moral contractualism is the view that the rightness and wrongness of our conduct is somehow to be understood in terms of some kind of actual or counterfactual agreement. This must be distinguished from political contractualism, which adduces agreements in order to account for the justice or authority or legitimacy…

Can contractarianism account for the moral standing of animals?

If contractarianism is at all able to account for the moral standing of animals, then it has to do so in a more indirect way than in the case of the disabled. It may be possible to ground the moral standing of animals as part of a contract agreed to by other contractors who are capable of rational interaction (Cohen 2007, 2009).

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