What is mean of case in Urdu?

What is mean of case in Urdu?

Case translation is “Paati” and Case synonym words Casing, Cause, Character, Eccentric and Encase. Similar words of Case are also commonly used in daily talk like as Case, Casement and Caseous. Pronunciation roman Urdu is “Paati” and Translation of Case in Urdu writing script is پیٹی.

What is the meaning of in cases?

1 : as a precaution against the event that carries a gun in case he is attacked. 2 : if in case we are surprised, keep by me— Washington Irving.

What is the meaning of in any case in English?

No matter what happens, certainly; also, whatever the fact is, anyway. For example, In any case, I plan to go, or Call me tomorrow, at all events, or He may not be getting a raise, but in any event his boss thinks highly of him.

What is the meaning of Just in case in Urdu?

Urdu Words ایسی صورت میں ۔ اگر ایسا ہوا تو ۔

How do you use in case of?

We use in case of to say what we should do if or when something happens. In case of fire, leave the building as quickly as possible. (= ‘If there is a fire, leave the building.

How do you use case in a sentence?

Case sentence example

  1. But this is not the case historically.
  2. Don’t plead my case for me.
  3. You should take notes in case we forget some detail.
  4. He remained adverse to any case where he knew for sure that someone was killed.
  5. To build a case for the end of poverty, we begin by discussing scarcity.

What is the meaning of case in Punjabi?

Pronunciation. IPA: keɪsPunjabi: ਕੇਸ / ਕੈਸ

What’s your case meaning?

in your case: for you, in your position, as for you, in your example, with regard to you. idiom.

How do you say in any case?

synonyms for in any case

  1. anyway.
  2. at any rate.
  3. be that as it may.
  4. however.
  5. just the same.
  6. nevertheless.
  7. nonetheless.
  8. notwithstanding.

What’s another word for in case?

What is another word for in case?

in the event just in case
if lest
whether or no whether or not

Can I say in case if?

We don’t use in case to mean ‘if’. Let’s take our swimming costumes in case there’s a pool at the hotel. We don’t know if there is a pool there. Let’s take our swimming costumes if there’s a pool in the hotel.

Is in case formal?

= If the Lessee fails to undertake reparations… In the case that the Lessee fails to undertake reparations… “In case of” (without “the”) also means “if”. It is used exclusively in formal notices and announcements.

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