What is Math Blaster?

What is Math Blaster?

Math Blaster will provide you with a new kind of puzzle experience with its easy to pick up gameplay and tricky clever levels to solve through using your wits. Clear the Number blocks with simple mathematical operations (addition, substraction, multiplication, division) to complete each uniquely crafted levels.

What is the Blaster Learning System?

The Blaster Learning System is a series of educational computer games. The series was originally called Math Blaster, and then added Reading Blaster, Science Blaster, and other spinoff series. Finally the name Blaster Learning System was added as a blanket title for all the iterations. The games take place over a wide variety of settings.

What do you do in Blaster Academy?

In this cool math game, you can join the prestigious Blaster Academy as a new recruit and get set for a rollercoaster ride that involves defeating alien monsters and setting out on top secret high-on-adrenalin missions.

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