What is master Glenium?

What is master Glenium?

The MasterGlenium product offering from Master Builders Solutions comprises new generation high-range water-reducing admixtures that are specially formulated for applications where slump retention, high/early strengths and durability are required.

What Glenium 3030?

MasterGlenium 3030 ready-to-use full-range water-reducing admixture is a patented new generation of superplasticizers based on polycarboxylate chemistry. MasterGlenium 3030 admixture meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type A, water-reducing, and Type F, high-range water-reducing, admixtures.

What MasterGlenium 7920?

MasterGlenium 7920 admixture is effective in improving the day-to-day production efficiency of a concrete plant by rapidly dispersing powder materials in concrete mixtures, thereby minimizing mixing time.

What is Glenium?

Glenium 7700 ready-to-use high-range water-reducing admixture is based on the next generation of polycarboxylate technology found in all of the Glenium 7000 series products. Glenium 7700 meets ASTM C 494 provisional compliance requirements for Type A, water-reducing, and Type F, high-range water-reducing, admixtures.

What does Super P do to concrete?

When transportation times and temperatures are subject to change, contractors rely on “Super P” to extend the plasticity of concrete. This gives your concrete a longer period of workability and allows greater flexibility. It also helps you adjust the slump on the go so you get the right mix no matter the circumstance.

What are the types of superplasticizer?

Generally, superplasticizer can be classified into such types:purified lignosulfonates, carboxylate synthetic polymers, sul-fonated synthetic polymers and synthetic polymers with mixed functionality cementitious materials.

What is the limitation of plasticizers?

4. What is the limitation of plasticizers? Explanation: A good plasticizer is one which does not cause air-entrainment in concrete is greater than 1-2%. 5.

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