What is MAPGEN?

What is MAPGEN?

MAPGEN (Mixed Initiative Activity Planning Generator) is a ground-based decision support system for MER mission operations and science teams that begins to give content to the notion of autonomous planetary exploration. MAPGEN is called a mixed initiative planner.

What is the mapmapgen planner?

MAPGEN uses the planner from a software system that in 1999 demonstrated for the first time that a spacecraft could in effect fly itself. Rajan was a principal member of the team that developed the software, the Remote Agent, which enabled the spacecraft Deep Space 1 to generate a mission plan and execute it onboard with no human supervision.

What makes MAPGEN a mixed initiative planner?

MAPGEN is called a mixed initiative planner. The essence is in human interaction with the advanced planning software. While the routine plan generation process is handled by the machine, the user brings unique knowledge and experience to bear to produce qualitatively good plans, said MAPGEN project lead Kanna Rajan.

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