What is line wrap in JTextArea?

What is line wrap in JTextArea?

To wrap the lines of JTextArea we need to call the setLineWrap(boolean wrap) method and pass a true boolean value as the parameter. The setWrapStyleWord(boolean word) method wrap the lines at word boundaries when we set it to true .

What is JTextArea used for?

JTextArea is a part of java Swing package . It represents a multi line area that displays text. It is used to edit the text . JTextArea inherits JComponent class.

How set TextArea size in Java?

“javafx textarea size” Code Answer’s

  1. TextArea textArea = new TextArea(); //making a TextArea object.
  2. textArea. setPrefHeight(400); //sets height of the TextArea to 400 pixels.
  3. textArea. setPrefWidth(300); //sets width of the TextArea to 300 pixels.

How do I make a JTextArea not editable?

In order to create a non editable JTextField , all you have to do is: Create a class that extends JFrame . Create a new JTextField . Use setEditable(false) that sets the specified boolean to indicate whether or not this textfield should be editable.

How do I write to JTextArea?

1 Answer. You can just use JTextArea. setText(String) and JTextArea. append(String) to do this.

How do I add text to JTextArea?

To append text to the end of the JTextArea document we can use the append(String str) method. This method does nothing if the document is null or the string is null or empty.

Is JTextArea editable?

The JTextArea class provides a component that displays multiple lines of text and optionally allows the user to edit the text.

What is main difference between TextField and JTextField?

1 Answer. JTextField renders an editable single-line text box. A user can input non-formatted text in the box. To initialize the text field, call its constructor and pass an optional integer parameter to it.

What is word-wrap problem?

The word wrap problem states that given a sequence of words as input, we need to find the number of words that can be fitted in a single line at a time. So, for doing this we put breaks in the given sequence such that the printed document looks nice.

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