What is KOI8-R?

What is KOI8-R?

KOI8-R was based on Russian Morse code, which was created from a phonetic version of Latin Morse code. As a result, Russian Cyrillic letters are in pseudo-Roman order rather than the normal Cyrillic alphabetical order.

What happens if the 8th bit is removed from a KOI8-R?

Although this may seem unnatural, if the 8th bit is stripped, the text is partially readable in ASCII and may convert to syntactically correct KOI7. For example, “Русский Текст” in KOI8-R becomes rUSSKIJ tEKST (“Russian Text”).

What is the difference between KOI-8 and UTF-8?

Unicode is preferred to KOI-8 and its variants or other Cyrillic encodings in modern applications, especially on the Internet, making UTF-8 the dominant encoding for web pages.

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