What is K99?

What is K99?

…K99! K99 Offers the best in music, capturing the listening audience spanning 9 counties in North Central Wisconsin. The ABC network, Wisconsin News Network, and Local News Team keep listeners informed as to what’s happening at the world, national and local levels.

When is the K99’s radio auction?

GET A BIDDER NUMBER HERE Time Business K99’s Radio Auction, Saturday, January 29 7am-noon 715-748-2566. 1-877-215-2632 CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEWS

What is medmedford Motors $50 certificate?

Medford Motors $50 certificates towards passenger van rental or merchandise. Person can buy one or all of them. 10:45 Bid Items Precision Landscaping & Design

How much is a destdestination Medford basket?

Destination Medford Baskets that include a ticket for Destination Medford Event, Value $125 Cravings $10 Certificates Expiration 12/31/22 One certificate per visit. 9:40 Bid Item Rondele Ranch in Harshaw, WI 2 Night stay at one of their luxury home rentals (choose from 5 if available) sleeps 7 to 10. Expires 5/2022.

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